Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day after!

            Jack on Christmas morning
Long gone are the days of the children waking you up at 6 am to ask if Santa had been here yet, nowadays one has to wake the children up at around 10:30 am because nobody is stirring, but the cats. By the time everybody was at least up, the turkey was already in the oven roasting and filling the house with its aroma. I don't know how many times I told the cat boys no fighting on Christmas morning...but did they listen?
...of course not... I guess they were bored waiting for anybody to help them open their stockings, not that they haven't peaked in already but they couldn't get things out by themselves. Of course first the obligatory children in front of the tree pictures...which they hate, and somehow one is always still in his pyjamas when this picture is taken.
Pookie, Alex and Pierce
At 11 am it was finally time for presents..woo hoo....cats first of course. The cat kids were happy with all their new toys and played all morning long.
Charcoal and his fish
Charcoal and Jack with their fake squeaky mouse in a ball
Seems like the cat boys took over again, the girls were just sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting for their turn to play. While the cats played Alex played Santa and handed out presents. I got a lot of very nice presents, some very comical ones ( like the Christmas bell which talks about  three wise men...,and the likelihood of them actually existing lol, or the donkey hat Alex gave me to match my donkey mittens I got a few years ago...I told him I only wear the hat when I come to see him at Williams lol), some very useful presents and some...what the heck ....presents. I love them all. AH gave me a stop light sensor to hang into the garage, so I know where to stop when I drive in, right now I always hit the little flag pole he has at the end of the wall, even though I know I am suppose to stop just before it, I never do....:), lots of candles, lotions and potions to smell good, a total of five donkey related items, some jewelery and many many more great things. 
Dinner guests started to arrive around one pm and the turkey was well on it's way. Somehow I was really organized this year and everything came together quite nicely and dinner was on the table by 3:30pm. And if I might say so myself it was great. It was also nice to have all the kids there at the same time, at Thanksgiving two were working and therefore missing. Pierce's girlfriend stopped by just in time for desert and coffee/tea. And we just all sat around and enjoyed Grandma's delicious pumpkin pie.
Ash, Pierce, Alex
Pierce, Pookie, Alex
By 7:30 everybody had left and  even the kitchen was almost back to normal and clean. Time to sit and relax. Even the cats were happy that there was peace and quiet back in the house and that there were no more presents under the tree and room for them to sleep under it. They all took turned having a little snooze there. I guess it was their own little merry Christmas.
Charcoal getting his turn.

It was a very MERRY CHRISTMAS indeed!


Joan said...

Ah, sounds like a perfect day! Cats happy, kids happy, mom organized and pulls off another perfect Christmas for all!!!

Anonymous said...

wow.what a christmas...glad you had a wonderful day..glad to see you typing in smiles!! wishes for the New year!!!


Melodie said...

Great minds DO think alike,lol! Looks like every one, and every kitty, had a great day!

Sharon said...

Looks like you had the perfect Christmas! Right down to the perfect gifts for the cats! It looks very organized and calm, nothing like our Christmases we used to have!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Nice when a plan comes together :-)

Ho, Ho and Merry, Merry

Tracey said...

What lovely kids! Glad all went well for you. xxxxxxxxxxxx