Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's going on?

Well lots of things are going on at the DSC right now....
 *As I am  typing this  Paco, our smallest donkey,and Trooper, one of our saddest rescues, are making their appearance at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. When I was at the DSC on Tuesday both of them were getting prepped for their big excursion. Paco was given his usual cute brush cut and Trooper who is a white donkey, was actually sparkling white, almost blinded you in the sunlight, as his usual dirty white fur was shaved. To keep them warm both of them wear sporting their nice winter blanket coats, and they looked like a million bucks. I am not very happy that I am missing them strutting their stuff at  the world’s largest indoor agricultural and international equestrian competition, I would have so loved to show my support to these two cuties, but what is my usual day off turned into another fill in day for my boss. Oh well, I am sure there will be lots of pictures taken by somebody. They will be staying in Toronto at the fair for two days. That will be such exposure for the DSC, so that is great news.
*Peter, his donkey "wife" Katy and their two kids, Gemini and Marci, are coming back to the DSC farm. That donkey family is the most amazing family I have ever seen. I met them a few years ago when my daughter totally fell in love with Marci, and I sponsored her and the whole family for my daughter's birthday. The following year they all went on a Foster Farm and had a wonderful life there. But as times are getting tougher for people these days, the Forster Farm can't provide the adequate care they deserve anymore and they will come home to the DSC farm. They are a family of miniature donkeys and omg the cutest things you have ever seen. Peter is such a character and such a good provider and protector of his family, never seen anything like it. He always made sure they all had food and no other donkeys would bother them. There is this cute story about them and how they take care of each other, when they first got to the Foster Farm, one night Peter got out of the enclosure and into the part of the barn where they stored the hay, the next morning when the family came to look at the donkeys they found them all knee deep in hay, apparently Peter had brought hay to the enclosure all night long making sure his family had enough to eat. What a sweetie and good caretaker.
*Cocoa, the donkey that was returned to the DSC after the sudden death of Gypsy, will be going back to her foster farm, as all tests from Gyspy's autopsy revealed no wrong doing or environmental harm on the farm. Cocoa had been on the Foster Farm for many many years, so I am happy to see her go again, because I know she has been through a lot as has the Foster Farm family. Cocoa will be accompanied by Anu to the Farm, which will be great for Anu, who is a little bit of a wallflower at the DSC and she sure will get lot of individual attention.
*The new fence project at the DSC is in full swing and coming along nicely. And other projects are in the planning and hopefully getting finished in time before snow starts to fall.
*Also plans for the Christmas season OPEN DAYS are coming along nicely, 6 Donkeys will be taking part in the Santa Claus Parade in Aberfoyle, Ontario, which they have done for years. Woo hoo....still need to find more volunteers to take part in I have opted for a behind the scene position for that one lol. 
However I will be working on the Wednesday before Christmas at the boutique, and volunteering at the two OPEN DAY Sundays too. There will be Christmas lights and decorations, story reading in the barn and all kinds of winter fun. For once I am hoping for snow, just because it would make the whole thing so much more romantic and the donkeys will definitely warm our hearts.

Oh I can't wait!

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Sharon said...

Some exciting things going on for the DSC! So glad that Cocoa can go back home and be with her family and has company!

Looking forward to lots of pictures of Peter & family and Paco & Trooper in their natty new clothes!

Have a great day!