Friday, November 12, 2010

One of my favourite days of the year!

Not that I really need a special day to remind me of this or to do these things as I have done this on  my own for years . I watched a show about it a few years back and what an impact it can make on a person that is touched by kindness and thought it was a great idea and I kind of like to do it randomly and without giving it a second thought. It is nice to know that there is such a "Random Acts of Kindness Day". And that day is today in our Community and surrounding areas, it's the first time that our city participates in it officially. If you’re like the majority of us in this community, you’re busy. A typical day has you working, running yourself or your kids to hockey, piano, dance lessons or whatever else you’re involved in, plus you’ve got to find the time to pick up the groceries you’ve been putting off. You’re moving so fast that you don’t have much time to acknowledge when someone lets you in on the highway much less what’s going on in the community around you. Wouldn’t it be nice to slow down and take notice, saying “hey, thanks!”?
Random Act of Kindness Day is a day to celebrate those little niceties and encourage others to pay those same “acts of kindness” forward.
What will your acts of kindness be today?

"Be kind. It is hardly ever the wrong thing to do."-Unknown


Sharon said...

What a lovely idea!

Great Post!!!

Denise said...

My act of kindness - I got shoes for the nephew and shuttled my sister around town. And I got our lunch.

What a great idea though. Wouldn't this be a better place with more kindness?

Tina said...

Kindness doesn't have to cost a thing, it's the simple things that people kind of have lost the art holding doors open, being courteous driver, saying thank you, hard can it be? Glad my blogger friends are kind people!:)