Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank you just isn't enough!

Ever had a person in your life, that just made such a huge difference in your life that saying the most heartfelt  "Thank you" just doesn't seem enough to convey your gratitude? Not sure if that person ever really knows or even understands what their being in your life has done for your growth as a person, how grateful you are for everything they have shown and taught you, for their motherly never ending care they have displayed  towards you, for their trust and belief in you and your capabilities, for always nudging you gently along your way to do better, to do more and to do different. How grateful you are for some stranger taking you under their wings and make you feel like you can do anything in this world, how they knew exactly what it is that makes you you, what works  best for you, what helps you the most, without ever having had a conversation about it. So it is a little bit of a grieving process to know what all of a sudden you won't have that anymore, and it was really hard to say good-bye to that person today, and a few tears were shed between the whole gang of us with promises of trying to coordinate some volunteer time together. I thought a long time about what I would want to give a person that has given me so much as a "thank you", mainly because I don't know much about that person beyond our mutual interest and love for these amazing long ears. Nothing really could ever put a feeling behind the heartfelt meaning of my "thank you" and then it darned on me, I will give her one of my "donkeys", so one of my favourite donkeys now has a new home. To say that she wasn't touched and brought to tears by my gift and card ( that Alex finally drew for me) would be an understatement, and I don't know how many hugs I got from her throughout the rest of the day. It sure was an emotional day for all of us.


Tracey said...

That was a lovely thing to do. Can you stay in touch?

Sharon said...

Alex did a fine job! I know she was thrilled with it! Yes, sometimes a thank you just doesn't seem to be enough.

polly's path said...

How special.