Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fitting for the day

Going through my emails this morning I came across this quote  and I thought it was fitting for my thoughts today and the day in itself as I remember the happening of 9/11. I remember the day as it was yesterday and all the turmoil around it and the days after, the worries for people you cared for back then, not knowing what was really going on and just watching it helpless on TV. 
The quote also is fitting for my own heroes in my life, you know the people that are there and help you along your way, whether they know it or not, as I am struggling to find the words to convey in writing to them what they really that will be my project for today, finding the right words to say 'Thank you' and 'Good-bye' and hopefully my son Alex will be in a better mood today and will make the card for me that I would like for him to design....we will see.

So who are the unsung heroes in your life?

"I honor you, Hero, for you do not play to the crowd. You play to your own soul. An audience of one fills the house with its appreciation and applause. Others follow you, and may attempt to emulate you, but that is not why you are a hero. Fame may smile upon you, or it may not. The world may cheer your name, or you may be the unknown warrior who rescued comrades in battle, or taught a young girl how to shed tears of joy. Whatever you did, you did not do for fame. If you had, you would not be a Hero. You are a Hero for your bold courageous inspired action." -JH


Louise said...

All those who rescue, be it human or animal. People have an enormous capacity to give, and those people have worked at developing it.

Canyon Girl said...

Thank you for sharing that on this day. It's hard to believe nine years have gone by already.--Inger

Tracey said...

I can't believe it's 9 years either. I remember it like yesterday....devastating. Anyone who saves lives be it human or animal is an unsung hero in my

Sharon said...

I remember seeing the planes it , over and over and the devastation of it all.

I believe the heroes in my life are my Doctors, Those members of family that taught me and my teachers that made the light go on. They are my personal heroes.

AJ-OAKS said...

Applauding today's post.

Yes, we all have heroes. One of mine is Velma B. Johnston aka Wild Horse Annie her started the whole save our Mustangs. My Aunt who taught me a woman can do anything a man can do except pee on a tree!
There are more.

Thank you for todays post.