Friday, September 24, 2010

Crazy Wednesday

When I got up Wednesday morning it looked like a very dreary day, so I  was in no rush to get going. I dropped my daughter and her friend of and school,  put gas in my Jeep and went to the DSC, I knew it was going to be a slow day and that it was, but nevertheless it was busy and I was about multitasking as much as I had ever done. I put all the donkey's bios out at the welcome centre, set up the boutique and then I started by saying good morning to pretty much every donkey that was around, met Juno in the lane way and scratched her a while, then cuddled Summer who was standing under the tree and then finally made my way down to the barn, got my water filled, grabbed a wheel barrow and a scooper and went to work  on the lane way and the office paddock. Terri came in around 10:15 and we spent all morning pretty much figuring out who is who in the main herd, she wanted to know different signs how I can tell them apart, because I can proudly say I pretty much know all of them by name and who they are. Johnny (one of the white donkeys),for example, has three spots in a row on his nose, Trooper, another white donkey, has a scar on his face and over his right eye, I finally can tell Little Britches from Boliver apart, even though there is the obvious third leg thing happening with Boliver, sometimes you just don't get that close to them so see it. But Boliver has two different colours on his front hoof, one half is brown, the other one beige. So I have these little tricks how to know who is who, most of them I learnt from Helia.
The first visitors started to wander in at around noon as the sky was still cloudy but at least it didn't rain and the temperature was actually quite nice. So between mucking the paddocks, I gave my donkey safety talk, did a few talks with people throughout the day at the garden paddock, explaining a few things to them about some of the donkeys, as we were really short on staff, since the barn staff was busy cleaning the upper barn for the big event on Saturday. They moved all the loose hay back out into the paddock and re-bailed it. That was quite the chore and I helped later in the afternoon with that too, then we had to sweep out the barn to make it fit for eating in it. Of course the main herd was all gathered at the fence watching all that yummy hay laying just over the fence and they were quite noisy about it and were looking for a free handout. Very amusing as that's what they pretty much did all day.
By the end of the day we had maybe 20 visitors, but the time went by very fast with all these chores. I restocked the boutique, since it will be open on Saturday for the event at the DSC. And it will be hopefully as successful as it was last year. 
I left the DSC at 4:15 pm, got home, made supper, checked out my email and received the message about Gypsy's passing and was kind of in shock, went out again at 5:45pm  to attend my Zumba class. Wow it was busy and lots of new faces, I was happy to see my buddy Keith there, who I had tried to convince for the last year to come out and he just loved it. So that was great, I met his daughter and he promised to be back. He is one special person in my life, who always has been encouraging and a positive influence. Amazing what big a impression some people can leave with you by just being there and believing in you and your abilities.  I don't think he has a clue that he did that for me. :) Oh well maybe one day I will tell him lol.....It really is very important to me to have positive people in my life, because pretty much everything around me is negative from the minute I wake up, so I do treasure my positive influences more than anything. 
After Zumba it was time to head upstairs for our biweekly Cross stitch group meeting, and that was fun like always, most of the time I just sit and listen, but that's ok with me and obviously with everybody else too. So it was a crazy busy Wednesday.

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