Thursday, August 05, 2010

Heat-Eeyore-and a few choice words.

Well it's been even too hot for my liking for the last few weeks, but yesterday took the cake, I thought a few times I was going to pass out from the heat at the DSC boutique, with no breeze or even a flow of air in that little building, I was soaking wet by ten o'clock and was just miserable. It was busy as hell and I had a great day sales wise in the boutique, but really because of the heat I couldn't wait for the day to be over. I don't think I ever drank so much water in my life and yet it didn't feel like I drank enough. Once in a while I could get a chance to step out of the boutique and catch the breeze out in the open walkway. All of a sudden it hit me and I looked around carefully to see that no people were around me, and well a few choice words were coming out of my mouth, as I was stung by a wasp right on the side of my ear....whoa that did hurt like hell. I think I have only been stung once before in my life by a bee, when I was maybe 11 years old, so I couldn't remember that pain, but it really did hurt yesterday, I spend some time with an icepack held to my ear, to keep the swelling down, and really on an ear there is not much flesh to swell, but it was red and puffed up like double the size and stayed like that for the rest of the day. Ouch!
I really didn't get much donkey time in yesterday at all, and I can't even remember when I really groomed a donkey from head to hoof. But I guess once October will roll around I will be back to doing more one on one with the animals instead of people. I have to remember to take a few pictures on Sunday though, as I have found my perfect models for some Easter cards...just too cute. Hope they will cooperate with me and model their new fly masks...omg it was so cute....we have these really neat flymasks to cover the donkey's eyes and ears, well the ear parts are a little bit too long for the miniature donkeys, so the ears don't fill them out completely and the top part of the ear covers flop over like bunny ears....omg they were so cute...I gotta get that on picture...they just looked so adorable and funny. :)
This months we will be getting three more donkeys at the DSC, one of them is called Eeyore. Can't wait for their arrivals. It's the first time I 'll be there for new ones right from the start, so that's exciting.
The vet was there yesterday too to take some x-rays of Buddy's leg, hopefully it is nothing too serious, and he will be back to scaring people in no time. Buddy has been known to chew big time on fence boards, to create a nice fitting neck rest for when he hangs his head over the fence, well at times he puts so much pressure on his windpipe when he lays his head in it, that all you can hear is his heavy, laboured breathing. People stood outside at the fence running to the inside of the barn to check on him, because he sounds just horrible, but as soon as he lifts his head, his breathing is fine, lol silly boy, I guess that's his way of getting attention all the time. lol. He also likes to pull on your clothes when you just stand with him, but not really bother with him. He is an all hands on me kind of donkey. So cute.


Sharon said...

OUCH! What kind of wasp was it? I know those black ones hurt soo bad and the sting swells the area - huge!
I try to avoid getting stung, but stuff happens.

So hot, I know, it's just miserable. We hit over 100 yesterday and supposed to again today, add the humidity and well... I don't call this the devil's armpit for no reason.

3 new donkeys, cool! Buddy sounds like a character!

Louise said...

You know, one of the reasons most of us Northerners are Northerners is because we are miserable in the heat. This year, there is just no place to get away from it. It will be interesting to see what kind of a Winter we have. I'm betting that it will be slow to start, then hit like a ton of bricks.

Hope your ear feels better. That's a nasty place to get stung. Watch out, because in a couple of days, it may start to itch like crazy. If it does, and ice cube wrapped in a washcloth will provide some relief.

Have fun with the new donkeys, and, take pictures.

AJ-OAKS said...

Ouch!!!! On your ear!! Those buggers when they sting you hurts.
Heat! I do sympathize with you. After awhile it wears you down both physically and mentally.
Looking forward to seeing pics of the new arrivals.
Sending cool thoughts and temps to you.

polly's path said...

I don't know how you ever have time for anything else? It seems that the work is never done at the sanctuary. So thankful for people like you.
Maybe soon we will ALL have some relief from this terrible heat.Here in sough GA the heat index is 115 or 117, I forget what the weather man said. Hot as heck, in other words.

Canyon Girl said...

Ouch, that hurts just to read about it -- your ear, I mean. As far as Buddy goes, donkeys are so darned smart aren't they? I hope you are feeling better today and that it cools down up there in Canada. It has here -- to around 90 or so!--Inger

Tina said...

Sharon- not sure what kind of wasp it was, I was just taken back by how much it did hurt. Buddy is definitely a character, he is so cute ,especially with his chubby legs lol....reminds me of me all the time.
Louise- you are so right, there is no escaping from it, and I think it's been a lot hotter and more humid than the summer before. Even with all the heat, our grass is still nice and green because we also had a lot of rain, but that just keeps making the humidity worse instead of giving relief.
Cindy- Yup it did hurt like hell, and yesterday the heat definitely got to me, it just totally drains you and I think my brain was pretty fried yesteday too....kept forgetting what I was suppose to tell people etc...not a fun day...:)
Polly- relief lol and then we will complain about the rain or the cool temperatures ...I can hear myself already lol.
Inger-cooler at around 90? lol very funny Inger lol...but I guess that is cool for where you's stinking hot for us lol.