Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He promised a party and he delivered

Monday evening my son's girlfriend and I drove to London, Ontario to attend an event together. We were both very excited and so looking forward to going and what a great time we had. All dressed up for the occasion, my son being a little bit worried that us driving together for about an hour would make for some uncomfortable moments....really what does he know.... Ashley and I were chatting the whole way there and back non stop without ever having an awkward moment between us. We laughed, shared and compared and just had a great time even just on the drive. We got to the venue and found our seats on the floor of the arena. We had great seats, and with perfect close view of the stage our excitement grew with every minute passing. The opening act was an American group named "Naturally 7" with a distinct acappella style they call "vocal play". I had never heard or seen them before, but  they were absolutely amazing. They created their own harmony and background music with their own voices accompanying the lead singer. Their performances was about 45 minutes long and it went by so very fast.

After a very short intermission it was time for the main act, and this is how it all started...

It was an absolutely amazing concert, he was funny and entertaining and so ever down to earth. He said he was not here to give a concert but to attend a party and he sure delivered, who would have ever thought of being on your feet most of the time at a Michael Buble Concert. It was absolutely great and we enjoyed it tremendously. He performed old and new songs and it was just an amazing evening.

Half way through the concert he walked through the isle to a little set up stage in the middle of the floor and he was just  a few feet away from us. Ashley was just in her glory and it made me smile watching her get all excited over him being that close.

He ended the concert like he ends every concert with singing " Song for you", he went off mic, the sold out arena went dead quiet and he belted out those notes just beautifully and I bet even the furthest seat could hear him just as clearly, it was absolutely amazing. His whole performance was almost two hours long and it felt like it was over as soon as it started. Definitely someone I would recommend to others to see, even if you are not a fan of that type of music.


Sharon said...

It sounds like a perfectly lovely evening! I don't understand why your son thought there would be a problem with the two of you going. Guys!

Blogger had your last post 2 days ago on my page, so hunted you up!

Tina said...

yeah I don't know what the problem is with blogger in this regard and I have no idea how to fix it either. ARRRGGGHHHH!
I guess he thought there would be some silent moments in the car during the you said...guys!

sunset pines farm said...

oh, what an evening!!!
I am the same way when I have to ride with someone-I am always nervous if there will be enough things to talk about and stay occupied-most times I am so wrong to worry-the time just flies.

Tracey said...

Wasn't it an awesome "party" though? My daughter and I went to see him in Toronto on Tuesday night! Will post some pics on our blog when I get a chance (have been on holidays this past week and not been home very much.)

Tina said...

OMG Tracey it was absolutely amazing....definitely one of the best concerts I have been too.