Friday, July 23, 2010

That should teach me... of lately I rarely leave my house without my camera anymore, because well you just never know what you run across at any given moment that is worth being captured, of course today I didn't bring it as it was just down pouring when I left to go down to Lake Erie to visit with my friend J. And really the camera was the furthest on my mind as I had a few issues to deal with at the same moment. It was a really rough and tough visit and sometimes I leave there with more confusion than when I got there, mostly because she has a way of making me look at things that I didn't think of and sometimes really don't want to look at that way. So the ride home was even rougher and I wasn't sure if it was the rain or tears clouding my vision. But then as I got closer to home, I saw HIM. I had seen HIM many times before, but never really got a good look at HIM. But as I passed by his home today, I saw HIM right at the fence, of course I drove right past HIM, but decided to turn around and backtrack the 200 m and pay HIM a visit. He was right there at the fence, I pulled up beside HIM, got out of the Jeep and walked up to HIM. OMG, he was cuter than I ever expected HIM to be, oh so sweet, and I was swearing quietly to myself about forgetting the camera. HE looked just like Hershey only in a miniature version, omg I wanted to donkey nap HIM so badly. He came closer and enjoyed a few moments of ear scratches, and nose rubs, and then some stupid truck skidded across the gravel and scared the heck out of him and he took of. He lives there with two huge horses, who are absolutely beautiful and I must say he looks great, well taken care of and loved. So that makes me feel good. But oh I just couldn't stop smiling to finally meet HIM up close and personal. What a cutie. Well I won't forget my camera next Friday, that's for sure. What a cute little donkey!

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Sharon said...

Aw, it's funny how a person is drawn to certain animals!