Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pictures from the Farm-where else

Meet Orly
She is an absolute sweetheart, very friendly and loves attention. She seems to be doing good so far, of course she has a few weeks of quarantine to endure, to make sure she is ok and until the test result for her daughter come back. She does get lots of attention from us in the meantime. She is an absolute darling. I already love her. I remember when I met her a few Donkey Days ago, I totally fell in love with her, and her loving mischievous character, but then the following year she was gone, and out at a Foster Farm.

Hershey being a little turd
Every time I try to get a picture of him looking out the door he pulled his head back in. I have plenty of shots like that, never one with the whole face.., he really is a little devil, hence the curled in ears.

Best buds, Paco and Chiclet
Both came to the DSC about at the same time as little foals, Paco because he was hard to handle as he was bottle fed, and Chiclet, being not looked after and left to fend for himself in the cold winter without shelter and food. Since they both were little they were kept together, Paco needed to learn how to be a donkey and Chiclet just needed a buddy. In the beginning Paco wasn't gonna have any part in this endeavour, but Chiclet was persistent and determined to make the little donkey his buddy and he succeeded, those two are never far apart at any given time.

Me and my Shadow
Miss Jenners was making silly faces today but of course stopped as soon as I pulled my camera out. So just a plain and simple shot of her and her shadow.


Sharon said...

Orly looks like a real sweetheart! Isn't that the same as a kid? They look so cute or make a face - bring out the camera - whoosh, gone! :-)

Melodie said...

I just love how once they are friends they are friends forever! When we bought our two the lady would only sell them together just for that reason.

Tina said...

Sharon-almost worse than kids lol
Melodie- so true, they form such great friendships and companionships that are hard to break, somehow however this summer at the DSC some of them decided to make new friends and ditch their old friends, only to leave them to make new friends too, we get quite the chuckle out of it right now and always say it's worse than any grade one class of kids, you know when they keep saying" you're not my friend anymore" or "if you are friends with her than we can't be friends."
There are the odd loners or some that are more attached to people companionship. It's never a dull moment that' s for sure.

Tracey said...

Lovely pics! Ok so the collages.....I upload my photos to Flickr. Then I use Big Huge Labs to make the here:
It's straight forward really, just follow the instructions then right click and save the finished thing! xxx

Tina said...

Thanks Tracey....I will check it out. Thanks again. :)

Louise said...

Tina, I owe you an apology. For some reason, your blog doesn't show, on mine at least, until several hours have passed. By that time the blog list has moved on, and I miss your latest post. There are a couple of other blogs that do this, also, and I'm trying to remember to go back and check. Bad me for not seeing this for so long.

The donkeys are all adorable, but I have to confess that Hershey is my favorite. What can I say? I've always liked bad boys.

Tina said...

Louise-no apology needed, wouldn't know for what. I know blogger is a little bit off these days. lol

AJ-OAKS said...

That pic of Hershey is so cute with those ears peeking over the door.
Orly looks very sweet.
Aw heck, they are all beautiful!
Great pics.

Tina said...

Cindy-had to laugh at your comment...only because it sounds just how I would comment lol...I like one donkey, and then the picture of another one and by the end of it all it's like you said...what the heck they are all so beautiful,lol. Orly is very much a sweetie, you can tell she was happy where she was and got lots of attention, but there are plenty of people around her that will continue to give her that at the DSC too, I am first in line. lol

Pumpkin said...

I LOVE all these pictures :o)