Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Money Money Money

Despite my excessive spending lately, I must say I am really proud of myself for making do with what I have and/or not have, and every purchase even on credit card is and was taken care of right away, so I have not accumulated any real new charges on my cards, which is great, especially during my time off from work during the summer months, which usually is a big expense for me as there is not a penny coming in. And I do realize and always remember that I do have a credit card debt that needs to be taken care of, and it is, not as fast as I would like to, but nevertheless it is worked on. Right now I am debating of making a major purchase, I could say for the sake of my future, but that is not really my motivation behind it, but purely because I want to and it is an area of long standing interest for me, I am just not sure if I am mentally ready for it, as I have stretched myself a lot outside my comfort zone over the last few weeks, and it's gotta come to a blow sooner or later, where I just need a break from all these "new" things. I also know the longer I think about it  the more excuses I will come up with why not to do it and that's how I usually operate and then comes the point when it is too late anyway. Did I ever tell you that I am a procrastinator? lol...just in about every other So maybe I should just do it and then I will have to deal with the consequences and just apply myself. We will see....
Yesterday I met up with a couple of Stitching Sisters to purchase some "Creative Memories" items, I really should get back into doing some scrap booking, and after my big purchases yesterday I think I might just start doing it again. I will need to find a few more items for what I have in mind and a trip to "Michaels" is on my agenda for today, as I am also looking for a particular frame for one of my cross stitch pictures, which I just hope will work out nicely, I guess I should work on finishing the picture too lol, as I am a little bit under time pressure for this one. Oh well! I guess sitting on my butt by the computer is not exactly productive either, but I can't head out anyway until I drop my daughter of at work for 11:30.


sunset pines farm said...

big purchases are so hard to make, especially now with the general mood of everything around us.

Sharon said...

We try hard, not to spend what we don't have, and pay the plastic off every month. Temptation is always there though, but so is the uncertainty of when he will find his next job, one of use may get sick (again), the economy stinks so bad now. Sigh.... There are a couple things we could really use.... I have to hold my ground as well as I can. If I want something, I have to sell something, I figure it as a sort of "trade".

Good luck with your decision!

AJ-OAKS said...

Well, pro and con it on a sheet of paper. When it comes to big purchases that is what works for me. Then it is the , " Do I need it or just want it?"
Around here, there are lots of 'wants' because the 'needs' come first.
I do allow myself $20.00 each month to spend as I want. You know, my treat money. :)

Tracey said...

Now I see it like this....spend it, tomorrow we may be dead! Life really is too damn short. (I know I'm a bit daft!!) LOL xxx