Thursday, July 22, 2010

All I need is...., well that too, but now all I need is printed out photos. I really should get my butt in gear and gather all my best photos of one topic right now and just put them on a memory stick and go get them printed out. I have all the other things I need to get back into scrap booking and I really should get organized with my pictures a little better. I know that's the downfall of digital cameras, it's all on the computer and I really very rarely print out pictures, but it is so much fun to look through a real photo album. I love, when I go back home, to walk down memory lane through tons of photos from years ago, and boy we sure had a lot of photos back then. I hardly have any albums from back then here with me, they are all at my mom's house, was just too much to transport them all with me way back when, but I do miss looking at them and sharing them with my friends. I only have the odd one here and there from my previous life, before Canada.
I went scrap booking shopping at one of the Stitching Sister's home as she is getting out of selling "Creative Memories" products and then the other day I got some more things at Michaels. so that part is all set and ready to go. It's just me that's not moving on it....well maybe I can start out with selecting the right photos. Every achievement starts with a single let's go.


Anonymous said...

luv the container

Tracey said...

Thats what I hate about digital photography, they just stop hidden on your computer... I too love looking at proper albums. xxx

AJ-OAKS said...

I have two really old suitcases full of old photographs. Yes, I scanned them all and put them on the computer, but nothing replaces the originals. Every now and then I open them up and go through them.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

nothing like a good road trip to set the mind in motion, now if everything else would just catch up.

Tina said...

Tammy- i love it too, thanks.
Tracey-nothing like taking a stroll down memory lane through a photo album.
Cindy- That is usually one of the first things I do when I go back home to my parent's house, look through the albums and boxes of photos. It is always so much fun.
Jayne- Road trips are always good my mind is just racing with things I want to do and never really do sad or messed up is that. lol

Sharon said...

I just find a file and watch a slide show, I have 4GB of photos and I usually make them fairly small. Best album!