Friday, June 18, 2010

Planning out my summer!

Officially I am done work now till the beginning of September, well at least for my job with the city, and even that is only partial correct, since I still will be working every Monday evening and then kind of sporadic whenever they need me, and on my Saturday  if anything is book on them. And of course I still have my Wednesdays to work at the DSC, but I really don't call this work. :).
I have decided to do as much as possible in the weeks to come, sometimes I might not be in the mood to do anything, so maybe if I have it planned out I will be more inclined to accomplish it, since I usually kick myself in the butt afterwards, if I didn't do it. A definite given is the Tuesday Stitching with one of the Stitching Sisters, we are both working on a Heaven and Earth design, so there is some serious stitching to be done, and well let me just say this much... after three hours last Tuesday you really can't tell on mine what it is suppose to be nor do you hardly notice any progress. I have also decided to at least once a week, when the weather is good, to go on an extended hike on trails in  conservation areas around this area and maybe a little further or to any of the other great sites, that are close but one really never visits, because one could do that at any given moment.:) As time has showed lately, it will pass so very fast and it will be end of summer soon and I don't want to say, 'oh I wish I would have....'. Of course there a few things I need to check out first for some of my "little adventures" since they are way out of my comfort zone, but since I have stretched a lot lately I will continue to do so and hopefully get a few things of my life list, and then there are a few obligatory things to do. Woo hoo....can't wait! ( hear the sarcasm in my voice?).
Well since it will be stitching the HAED on Tuesdays I thought I should post a picture of it right now as it is and then update it again at the end of summer, (maybe that will keep me motivated?). Of course Jack is helping me keep the fabric flat...and thinking to himself...yup a lot of stitching to be done. Oh by the way no cross stitch pictures is complete without a cat hair or two.


Louise said...

Very little is complete without a cat hair or two. Lucky you, to have the summer free. Don't forget to leave plenty of time open, just to enjoy the world around you.

Sharon said...

Man plans, God laughs!

So, you have a Jack too! Seems to be a popular name! That's quite the project he's laying on! Yes, cat hair here on (and in) everything too!

Hiking will be interesting and good for you too! Take the camera!

Tina said...

Well his name is Jack, because he used to live outside in a Jack in the box. :)

FAS said...

Hope you are enjoying the day with the donkey ,,,, oh sorry, that was the other day....zoom.