Monday, June 21, 2010

A long exhausting day!

Did you know that on any given Sunday on the farm I walk every time between 7 and 10 km? No wonder I am totally exhausted by the time I get back home, besides a lot of walking, there is a lot of things to carry around, to wheel around and to pick up, that all adds up to a lot physical labour, which I am really not used to, but not afraid of either. I can pull my weight around when I need to and mostly with ease until I pay for it later  on lol. 
Yesterday I arrived at the farm a little earlier than normal, because I was taking a different route, that really is only 3km shorter but still cuts the traveling time down by good ten minutes. It pretty much runs parallel to my usual route, but without all the stop signs. So it  was great, nice country roads too. It promised to be a hot day and there were still lots of chores to be done before the first visitors arrive. After feeding some of the donkeys in the paddock and giving water to the mules, it was time to clean up the lane way and the barnyard. I put the name tags on the donkeys, put brushes out and put hay out for the ones in the paddocks. The morning was really slow with visitors, so there was plenty of time to get some donkey time in. I got to get some of the donkeys from the dark side, which were way out in the field, and I am talking way out there, and bring them in. I fedAugusta and Hershey in Halfway Haven and got to get another donkey from way out there, because a sponsor wanted to see him. I had a heck of a time to bring him in, Cate later told me that he is one of the most difficult ones to get to go from point A to point B, so there, wasn't really me. I cleaned up the dark side and was well surrounded by donkeys, who all seemed to wanted affection today, so I got pushed and head butted around till everybody's scratch need was met. The afternoon turned out to be very busy and lots of people came to visit. I got to bring all  the donkeys in from the field to get them ready for the carrot walk, and while Cate was doing the walk with the dark side donkey I was the big hit with the mules and the special needs donkeys, as I had my own bucket full of carrots to give out. Woo hoo, that was quite the experience, since all of a sudden everybody loves you lol. And boy they can get quite forceful and asserted when they want their carrots. After the visitors left it was time to get everybody ready for the night, making sure everybody has water and we filled up the optimizer feeders with hay. As it turned 4:15 pm I was about on my last leg so to speak, my feet were burning and hurting, I was thirsty as hell and the sun sure got the best of me today, well I thought on my way home that I tanned really oddly today, in big blotches, until I realized, that was all dirt lol. Oooopps. 
Couldn't resist taking this picture, this is Tibet in front of her Tibet portrait, that is painted on one of the inside walls of the barn. One day I will take pictures of all the wall paintings there, they are quite nice and unique. 
Foot note: Sandra, the DSC operator, gave me a new donkey cross stitch pattern for my file and a patterns for Knitting a sweater, which is really cute..but I will have to work on my friend Patti for that one....knitting I don't do...unless it's straight up like a scarf. :)


Sharon said...

Nothing more satisfying than finding a short-cut that actually IS!

Tibet is a very pretty donkey.

Sounds like a lot of work... and walking! Whew! I'll bet you were glad when quitting time came :-)

Melodie said...

What a great picture! That is a lot of walking! whew! makes me tired thinking about it!

DebH said...

that is a perfect photo...I never seem to have the camera close when that stuff just happens. Very cool indeed! and just talking about all that walking is making my feet and back hurt. I sit in a chair for most of the day and then go home at 5 and dive in, its just not enough exercise spread out through the day. I would definitely have to work up to your stamina to ever do what your doing, but it sure would be good for me!!

Pumpkin said...

It IS a lot of work working on a farm! No wonder you are tired by the end of the day. So worth it though when you see those sweet faces :o)

What a great mural!

Tina said...

Sharon- on that day I was definitely glad when it was home time.

Melodie- well the walking isn't the worst part, it was hot and humid that day too and the meadows are pretty hilly and very uneven to walk on, so that made it so hard and exhausting.

DebH-Well my stamina is unfortunately not the greatest either, but I am really push myself, but I definitely pay in the days after lol....I guess no pain no gain lol.

Pumpkin- those sweet faces are worth anything and everything, and I wouldn't want to miss a minute of it.