Thursday, June 10, 2010

Everything is in full gear....

... for the preparations for Donkey Day. Wow so much work still needs to be done, so many things still  need to get organize, so many things still need to be acquired. Wow, it sure is quite the undertaking. It's chaos at it's best on that day, but somehow it always works out. Well let's hope so, I know personally I am having great anxieties about my station, which really is very simple to do, but still, I am not one for being in charge of things, so that's were my anxieties come from. My stomach is in knots, my head is just pounding and I just want to get it over and done with lol....Hopefully I can stay actually with it this time and not kind of live through the moments as in a blurr and then not remember things, like I am known to do in stressful situations, which kind of helps, but then afterwards when everything worked out fine, I have no recollection of it, so I can't even bath in the glory of another accomplishment for a  little while. Arrrgggghhhh! Well we will see how it goes. The only thing out of our control will be the weather, as the event goes rain and shine, and so far the forecast is not exactly the best.
Yesterday was just an absolute miserable rainy day, it was even freezing cold. I drove up to the farm, knowing that it will be a slow day for visitors, if even any. I went down to the barn to unload my carrots, that I had brought for the donkeys and spent some time with Juno at the fence, everybody was inside except little Juno. She is still such a odd ball with even her donkey friends. You never really see her with anybody and she shies away when other donkeys approach. ( well wait till the end of the day).  I went to get my stuff out of the office to open the boutique, but was in no rush really, so I talked for a while with Kim about the television appearance of her, Adam, Ruth and two donkeys in Toronto. It was fun to listen to. Shortly after opening the boutique, I had an elderly couple come for a visit, equipped with umbrellas and carrots, but I didn't even have to give them the "Donkey talk", since they have been here plenty of times. The third and final visitor of the day was a young woman on the lunch break, who was a participant of the Amazing race, but had missed Sunday and had to make up for it, by visiting us and getting her picture taken with a donkey. We were just laughing, because she came dressed in her best office clothes, high heels open toes and everything, and the first thing she said, I don't think I am dressed appropriately,....well here is your sign.....but she was a good sports, waded through the muddy path down to the barn and got her picture taken. Poor thing, she promised to be back on a nicer day with proper attire. After she left I closed the boutique up and went to the house to help price items for Donkey Day, which I pretty much did for most of the day. After that was done, I was kind of on my own, since the main staff were busy having a meeting and the barn staff was busy putting straw away. Cocoa, the goat, was for some reason in a very feisty mood and was head butting with Nello and Werther, the two sheeps for quite a long time. Wow the sound is just painful to me and their heads ended up in rough shape, I tried to get the sheeps away from the goat, but she was just always coming at them from every angle, eventually she settled down, but not before everybody had to be treated for open wounds and bite marks. Oh Cocoa. I got some cuddle time in with Summer and Gordon;Solo and Danny are still hoppling around with hoof infections, poor little things. After the staff meeting was over I helped pack the boutique stuff up so it is ready to go for Saturday's set up. Closed up shop and took everything that needed to go back to the office back to there. I did one more walk down to gather my things, chatting with Ruth as we approached the lane way when I noticed Juno in the lane way, and I said to Ruth look at that....there was Juno with Odin grooming each other. Awwwwwww, where the hell is the camera when you need one? It was the first time either of us had seen her do that with another donkey. Oh she finally is learning to be a donkey. So precious. That definitely was the picture of the day, even though just in our minds to keep.
In the evening I went to stitching with my sisters at the centre I work at, and I must say that must have been the first meeting where I actually stitched an awful lot, well I kind of had things to make up. Lol so far so good, everything is counted out right. Woo hoo! Finally...but it's not done who knows what can happen.


Louise said...

It was a miserable day this side of the lake, too. But, sometimes those quiet, rainy days can be the best, and you get little rewards, like seeing Juno with another donkey, finally.

AJ-OAKS said...

Geez, just reading your post tired me out!!!
How wonderful Juno is starting to interact with another donkey. :)
Two years ago I was trying to place a rescued horse and this woman shows up dressed like the woman who showed up where you are. My first thought was are you kidding me! You come out to look at a horse and you're dressed like that! Needless to say, she was not approved. Not just because how she was dressed, but because she was an idiot through and through!

Sharon said...

Well, your description of your yesterday, made me ready to go back to bed from exhaustion! Crummy day here too, Jack spent most of his day in the back hall. It's nice that Juno is starting to socialize!

Pumpkin said...

Can you email me please? I couldn't find your email address anywhere and I have a question for you :o) Thanks, Cathey