Thursday, June 03, 2010

Another Thursday to ramble on....

**Well, the white squirrel may be just a good sign of things to come lol, oh how I wish....but after work I walked up to the main street to get "our" free ticket for the lottery on Friday, well when I got there, I was a little taken back that it was only just over 2000 steps to get there, what the heck is walk and walk and that's all I get? Oh well, 2000 more steps that I didn't have before. Up front I have to say that I hardly ever play the lottery, and know very little about it, not that I don't care, but that's just not something I am really into, so when I handed the girl "our" ticket I said I think, we won a free play, she held it under the scanner and it flashed winner...ok I want these kind of bells on Saturday but with lot more tra-ra. So here is the good news, besides the free ticket we also won $ 20, which neither Peter or I had a clue about, so there you see what can happen. So I got the free ticket and spent the twenty extra bucks on more for the same lottery same day....well good luck to us, I guess our odds just went up a little. So keeping fingers and toes crossed. I will keep you posted.
**Work work is finally winding down and I can't wait to not have to go in for a few weeks, except the odd times, but before I can call being off a vacation from work, our boss threw us a big "surprise" and I am not very pleased about it. Because it is a lot of work and usually we have all Summer to do so, but now we only have a week. She wants all the program planning by next Friday, not just are we revamping old programs we are totally designing two new ones and all that in a few days. And the hammer is....we are not getting paid for it either, well at least not till fall.....all I can say to that is..."that's nice". So I am not a happy camper right now. Again oh well. Suck it up!
**Walking Challenge week three is well under way and I must say I am really proud of my self. I am not competing against anybody but myself and I try to do every day a little better than the day before. This is not about a team, even though it is a team challenge, but I don't have the "I have to be better than" mentality, and the only one I have to be truthful to and about is myself, and proof it to myself that I can do it. At night I know when I record my steps that that's what I accomplished today. I know I am not an athlete, I know I could be a lot physical fitter, but I am a hell of a lot better than I was years or even months ago. For me it has become more than counting steps, but a certain accomplishment of so much distance a day. Steps don't mean a lot, but a meter is a meter. I just hope I can continue, because my "good" knee is really bugging me lately, well it never really healed properly from a ZUMBA injury a few months back.
**Tonight will be another meeting of setting goals for myself next year's retreat, as I have already put a deposit down for that yesterday. We will's not that I had those kind of goals before, but it definitely is doable and wow it would be some accomplishment. Psst being hush about this one so far.
**Yesterday I was finally back at the Farm, seems a few changes are in order, and I know me, and changes and me don't really mix well. Oh well, I will get over it, it's just another challenge and another opportunity to learn new things. Biggest change, which really I don't care one way or another too much, well actually it's good for me, means more hours, more money for me to support the things I want to support, but till midsummer I will be the only staff on duty for the Welcome Center and Boutique, both jobs done at the same time, I guess that's a good thing, because I know where I stand and what I have to do, and I am sure of that. :) Now another big change for me, one I was not prepared for and which makes me a little sad, but only for selfish reasons, and boy I can be selfish when it comes to things I like. But my beloved Buffy is again with the main herd out in the fields, which means no more cuddle time and special moments with my cutie. I will miss her so much, but I am happy to know that she is well enough to be out there and really, and maybe that will be my challenge for the next little while, I can always go out there and get her, which maybe give me then the incentive to do so and be more adventurous in getting the donkeys in from the fields. We will see, it all will work itself out. I will make sure Cate will be with me for the first little while. I definitely will miss working with her too, but I still see her.
We got two new goats Tuesday night, I don't know much about them yet, except that they are cute, very curious and just love to play with each other. I will try to take a picture of the girls on Sunday, I was just too busy yesterday to do much of anything but work. Didn't even really get any donkey time in, until the end when I fed some carrots to Juno, Chiclet, Paco and the little mules. Juno was actually really eager to come and get her carrot from sweet.

Otherwise not much else going on, but for me that's enough as it is, I really need to get my butt in gear and work on my donkey day things....oh to procrastinate....not always a bad thing....I get things done so much better under pressure, and when I know I have to do it. But hey that's just me, whatever floats your boat, at least I am ok with how I am and how others are, and not judge one way or another...ooops did I say this in my outside voice. Sorry! My bad! lol


Louise said...

You'll do just fine, and I think that, underneath, you know it. So, just keep thinking positively and press on forward.

Sharon said...

Good luck with the lottery! Seems if we pick up a ticket, there are never any of our numbers! Changing programs, in a week? well, sometimes change is good, keeps us out of a rut. You are doing great with your steps, think how fortunate you are that you can do them! Hmm, zumba, sounds like something to stay away from ;-)

FAS said...

The bigger the steps, the less poop you step in.