Sunday, May 02, 2010


Are you ready? Actually it should I ready? Well if it was a usual first OPEN DAY at the DSC, my answer would be "yes", but since I am wearing a different "hat" this time answer is " I am not so sure". Ok, well I have mixed feelings, I am excited and nervous and everything in between but also anxious to get started. At 9 am we are suppose to meet to receive training for our paid positions during OPEN DAYS and also training as OPEN DAY volunteers. I received my manual yesterday, and it's a lot of info and instruction to remember and to give, it's not that I don't already know most of it but making sure you convey it to visitors as well is a different story, well the manual entails everything from the birth year of every donkey and mule and their arrival date at the DSC, to behaviour while in the barnyard to how to get a visitor's finger out of a donkey's mouth, if he hasn't obeyed your instruction and gets bitten. Duh!!! I am sure there is always one who will, despite numerous signs and instructions given.
I am also anxious to know who will be left out of the donkeys to roam free and who will be on the other side of the fence. I hope my sweet Buffy gets to stay on the visitor's side, I know Danny, Summer, the three Amigos and Paco will be for sure, as sure as I am that Solo will be on the other side of the fence. I am sure Juno will be too just to keep her from getting too spooked with too many people around. I remember one OPEN DAY a few years back when the then two amigos were out in the field, and there was a family of five gathered around them, and just constantly petting them and wanting to get their picture taken with the two little donks, I was at the time in the yard by the fence with Hershey, and all of a sudden all hell broke loose, there was loud braying coming from the field, and all of a sudden, like a little hurricane, came Pansy running and braying like a mad donkey into the yard and sure enough her daughter Poppy followed just at the same speed. I guess both just about had enough of those visitors and took off to " safety". Never knew a donkey with short legs could run so fast.
Well I am off to pack a "donkey friendly " lunch, because I am sure I have to share, so it will be carrots and apples,  and hopefully it will be an awesome day...well weatherwise it won't, but who cares.  Have a great day everybody!
Oh, and check out the new DSC is absolutely fabulous!

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Louise said...

Have a ball! And, tell us all about it when you get back.