Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend lessons and observations!

* some people try anything to get you back into their life, but don't forget why you choose not to be to  
   begin with,  even though curiosity is killing you.
* it was freakin' windy and freezing cold
* my boss is mostly a very kind and nice person and sometimes can surprise you
* man even though they get older they not necessarily get wiser as an accident at work showed
* there are more moms that need wine  that we don't know off  lol
* sometimes my kids can be full of surprises
* even stir fry tastes better at a restaurant
* sometimes it's better to deal with things alone than to share one's pain
* it still is freakin' cold
* Mother's Day turned into a Remembrance Day
* lots of damage all around from the windstorm is now apparent
* overcoming a fear sometimes means being thrown in front of the wolves, in this case the donkeys
* meeting lots of new and interesting people
* the sun has to power to warm things up if the wind wasn't blowing so much cold air
* sent my little message up to heaven
* admitting a fear isn't hard, but convincing people you have it  is impossible....even there....arrrggghhhhh!
* I guess I can fake I just have to fake it till I make it....aarrrgggghhhh!
* don't stand in the way of a donkey girl in love/ heat!
* sometimes it's really nothing but it  makes a person smile and feel special
* it's great to be with like minded people and share experiences
* I am dead tired after a whole day in the fresh cold air.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Good Morning! Sounds like you had a day full of observations and reflections! My major thought at the moment - don't love on a dog who has recently been laying and rolling in chiggers.

Have a great day.... anyway!