Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A perfect day!

Today is Wednesday and besides being an off night stitching night it was also OPEN DAY at the Sanctuary for me.  The morning started out with a nice chat with a friend via messenger and it was nice to catch up with them, as we had often missed each other over the last few days. So the day was off to a good start...It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day weatherwise, with temperatures in the mid twenties and plenty of sunshine. Today was my day in the boutique, but until 11 am I am also the Welcome Centre, which was fine, as I didn't get bombarded with visitors like I did last Wednesday. Actually for being such a nice sunny day, it was a slow day, but school is not out yet and it is midweek, promises were made of busier weeks ahead. But anybody who knows me knows I like peace and quiet and crowds and lots of action isn't really my thing. Since it was so quiet we did a few things different, since we couldn't really leave our posts, we brought some donkeys out to us and they just totally loved it, somehow the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I was in charge of little Sable, well Sable might be a mini, but she has definitely a mind of her own and if she doesn't want to do something she isn't going to. So she made me work for my money today, that's for sure. I got to spend some time with Sandra ( the founder of the DSC) in the yard and what a lovely lady, but she cracks me up all the time, she is always dressed like she just stepped out of a Haute Couture magazine, classy lady, very prim and proper, but her looks doesn't go with her way of being, she is so down to earth. But it is nothing for her to have her best outfit on and walk down into the barn and mingle with the donkeys, makes me chuckle everytime. She has amazing stories about the donkeys to tell and I just love listening to her.Since we were standing with Panne at the fence, she was telling me about some of his antics, I have heard that he is a very accident prone donkey  before and always gets himself into trouble. Panne is one of the two Mammoth Donkeys at the Farm and he is 19 years old and has lived on the farm since he was a couple of month old. He had a leg injury when he got there from a transport in a trailer and that still causes him trouble from time to time, just as recent as a few weeks ago. He was brought in with his mother, who passed away a few years ago. Sandra was telling me that years ago when they used big medal tubs for feeding hay, and Panne was in the paddock where this tub was sitting and was the only donkey in the area, and nobody was paying him really any attention, until somebody heard some pityful crying coming from the paddock, and when they checked what was wrong, here was Panne inside the tub on his back with his four feet up in the air. Now how did he managed that one? But apparently Panne has a talent for the weirdest stunts and mishaps.
I got to visit with Buffy for a little bit, picked up some doneky poop, brushed some donkeys with the shedding tool, stocked up shelfs, made a few sales, gave instruction and had a really good talk with Cate, who really has become a dear friend to me.
I got home from there and found that my new cross stitch pattern had arrived from England, wow that was fast, shipped out on Friday and here in Canada by Wednesday. Nice! I will show of  all my new acquired stash soon.


Sharon said...

Glad you had a perfect day, yes it will get busier after school is out. Sandra sounds like she may be quite the character (saying this in a good way)
I can picture little Panne in the tub, like a turtle on his back, haha!
New cross stitch pattern... whatcha gonna make?

Tina said...

Well just take a wild guess Sharon lol....