Monday, May 31, 2010

Location Location Location ( Brentwood part 1)

After a 2 1/2 hours drive I arrived at Brentwood on the Beach Friday mid afternoon. From the minute I walked through the front door I fell in love with this place. As I was standing in the front entrance waiting to be checked in, I already heard the laughter and chit chat of most of the Stitching Sisters. I put my bag in my room, that I shared with my best friend and her sister-in law and then got the grand tour of the whole building, and omg was it beautiful and it had comfort and peace and relaxation written all over. I couldn't wait to get my first glimpse of Lake Huron. There was a beautiful wooden deck with wooden steps down to the beach so I made my first of many trips down to the beach. I was definitely in heaven. I can't remember the last time I walked barefoot in the sand and dipped my feet in the water, which was really chilly. I sat for a while down by the beach and just listened to the waves and watching them  hit the shore. I pretty much spend the time between my arrival and dinner just sitting and watching. At dinner time I was introduced to the owners of this beautiful place and was invited to sit at their table during dinner, which really put my way out of my comfort zone, because all my friends sat together and I was the odd man out at the table with the family and another guest. Great. Well the reason why I sat there was for me to speak German to the owner, who is German and so we talked and I had to brush up on my German. lol. Let's just say it wasn't really pretty, but I had a great time.  Well Peter is from way up North of Germany and I am from the deep south of Germany, so even the dialects  were a challenge and I had to wip out my best grammatically correct German.The other lady at our table was from Michigan and I got to spend a lot of few times with her during the weekend, she was really an amazing  and nice person, she had been coming to Brentwood for the last 19 years at least once a year to get away from daily life stresses. Dinner was accompanied by the beginning of a  beautiful sunset. At dinner time we decided to collectively buy a ticket for the 40 Million dollar lottery so we could afford to come here over and over again or even stay permanently. We all went in, plus the owners, the staff and the other ladies from the stitching group. Peter went out to get the tickests and we proceeded to go downstairs to finally get some stitching done. Tammy was teaching how to make origami ort boxes and gave everybody afterwards a  charm scissor fob. I opted for having a few glasses of Caesar and sat in the most comfortable living room couch to just listen and observe. When I finally got to do a few stitches it was noticed in the later hours that they were wrong lol, so the frogs came early to rip-it. Well I guess the few jello shooters didn't help that situation either, so after about 9 stitches ( or the cat's tail) I gave up for the evening and went to bed at around midnight.

Just one of the many sitting areas all over the property.

A few of many different lawn ornaments and statues.

The steps down to the beach.

View from my favourite sitting spot in the yard.

Walk way around the house.


Louise said...

What a beautiful place! Even from the pictures, you can feel the peace. You must have really enjoyed soaking that up.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

wakey wakey see ya later

AJ-OAKS said...

Wonderful that you enjoyed your getaway. Beautiful there. Even though you were out of your comfort zone sitting at the table, how neat to chit chat with the owner who is also from Germany. I bet the owners are going to remember your visit fondly for years to come.

Sharon said...

I could go there right now, just gorgeous and so peaceful looking, I can see why not that many stitches were done! Don't blame you a bit!