Saturday, May 15, 2010

Am I missing something?

Or could I just crawl back into the hole I came crawling out of? Or what the heck did just happen here? Not really sure how to start this post, I got so many thoughts racing through my head, and it was quite an eventful afternoon. Some things I am still trying to wrap my brain around, because I don't know how they all come up with these ideas or where they get their information about me or how they come to the conclusions they come to about me, but I hear it all the time and I don't know what I am doing to make them think that.....aaaarrrrggghhhh  and then I did one thing totally out of character for me, and that blows my mind about myself right now too. Well let's start maybe at the beginning, 12 noon today....well actually a little bit before noon I took of to make my way to the DONKEY DAY volunteer info session,  as I am leaving my house and came the the first major intersection ....cops.... I kept driving and next  big intersection....cops again...this continued until I reached the last intersection before heading out of town... and then I saw them....hundreds of motorcyles, one after the other and I remembered a poster hanging at work about a Charity Motorcycle Ride on May 15, and that's what it was, the 6th annual Charity Motorcycle Ride for one of the local Children's Charities. WOW what a sight and what a sound.
I proceeded to be on my usual way and somehow I was noticing a lot of fallen down branches and twigs along the way, but couldn't really recall a bad storm within the last few days, they definitely weren't there on Wednesday when I drove home from the DSC. I continued through parts of Cambridge until I got to my favourite side road only to see a ROAD CLOSED sign just before it, so I had to backtrack a few roads to hit the main road through the city and I remembered really fast why I do go the side roads, because traffic was just crazy, finally I made my way to the highway and really didn't think I was getting there on time, because even there traffic was heavy and slow moving, but I made it with about 3 minutes to spare.  We met on the front lawn of the main house and were briefed about the whole day in details of all the events happening. We were asked to register for this events a few weeks ago just to make sure who was coming, who will be volunteering and who will need what shirt size on that day. We were handed a sheet of info about what to bring, what to do and then the jobs that have been assigned to people were announced. The whole group was devided into teams and every team has a leader and then your workers for a certain station for the big event. As I have been a frequent visitor of DONKEY DAY for the last few years I was familiar with all the different stations, so that was a comfort to me. The team leaders are required to come the day before to set up their stations and to help with the set up in general. 
So I will be there the whole weekend....yes "OH NO" I am a team leader...go figure.....why do people do that to me, how to they always think I am so good at this? I am the least obvious person around in a crowd, quiet, reserved, in the background kind of person, so how do they always figure this out. I am not one to flaunt my stuff so to speak that would give people the impression I am all why does this always happen to me? Well at least I am familiar with the station and it looks like a fun post to occupy. I am in charge of the children's tombola.  So we will see. After the info session I was chatting with one of the volunteers from Sunday Open Days and I just told her about the last few open Days, as she only attended one so far. Then I did something totally out of the norm for me, but as we were standing in a circle during the session and had to introduce ourselves and how long we have been there, which usually this alone is a nightmare to me, but this time it was not really an issue, I paid close attention to the names, as I didn't know most of the people, and I noticed "Eric and Jean". I have heard about those two through my online friendship with COCOA's mom and she asked me a while ago, if I knew them, at that point I have not had the pleasure of meeting them, and so today I took the initiative to meet them and catch up with them on Cocoa and Joan. And I was mighty proud of myself for doing that. From Joan I know that they take extra good care of COCOA and you can tell how fond they are of him and actually of Joan too and the she is a special lady, but I have gathered that already from my few times I had contact with her. It was just nice to finally meet them too and we had a nice chat. After that I went on my merry way home and made a pit stop at one of the local craftstores to get a few supplies.


Sharon said...

First of all, I don't go by horoscopes - My DH, my son and I are all Leos, we are so not alike in any way.

It sounds like your day went fine. I avoid the high traffic areas myself, I will go a mile out of the way to avoid it, simply because there are idiots out there.

Wow meeting someone you know - well, kind of - that's cool!

We have a big biker's ride down here also, it's called the "Trail of Tears" ride. My DH wants to do part of the first leg - maybe this year, if he's not working. You see lots of real cool motorcycles!

Glad you had an interesting day!

Tina said...

I don't go by horoscopes either , not at all, just sometimes it fits to a t, and sometimes its as far removed as possible. Just find it interesting when it fits something that I am going through or that is happening. Do i believe in it NO!

Louise said...

Another non-horoscope person here. Sounds like you had an exciting day. Motorcycles and donkeys, what a combination! I prefer the donkeys.

Unknown said...

perks at motorcycles...well damn it...I missed them all! I know you love the donkeys my dear P.I.C, but!!!!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful day at the farm, and I always knew you had it in you to be a leader. Kudos to you. I'm proud of you!!!!!