Thursday, April 29, 2010

The sound of your voice

Cloudy days are replaced by a thousand sunny days
Happiness takes the place of sadness and overshadows loneliness
just by the sound of your voice

Dreadful days can be turned around
and suddenly I see the silver lining.
As I hear you smile, my heart beats faster

My world lights up
all the wrong becomes right, and all evil is forgotten
for that one moment, I am complete, just by the sound of your voice.

My heart grows warmer, and happiness exudes from me
Good thoughts devoured by the gloominess of my aching heart are resurrected while
my smile stretches to my ears with such intensity that it could be felt a mile away

If only it could be always
then all would be calm
all would be peaceful, just by the sound of your voice

by Megan

Thanks for the sound of your voice today!

I have a thing for voices and what effect they can have on me, nothing like the soothing sound of a dear friend's voice, the calmness that it transfers just through the spoken words.

I try so hard at times to remember the sound of my dad's voice, and it feels like I don't remember, I remember how much I cried, when I found out that one of my kids by accident erased the voice messages he had left before his passing on the answering machine of the house phone. Those are sounds I will never hear again, and even in my mind they are hard to replay  and to listen for. Sigh!

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