Monday, March 01, 2010

Two of my favourite children books...

One of the things close to my heart always has been self esteem issues and how to deal with them, I believe I did a pretty good job with my daughter, I think she has a pretty healthy self esteem. It is so important to install a healthy sense of worth and sense about themselves in a person, through praise and love. There are a few good children books that tackle the self esteem issues in a kids kind of way through stories and examples

Inspiring talk-show host Dini Petty has created a magical tale of friendship, courage and self-discovery. When the Queen, the Bear and the Bumblebee set sail on a flying red ship into the far reaches of space, their adventure brings more than they bargained for. The trio are given a wish-granting crown, but they soon discover that when you wish to change yourself the results can be surprising! Originally written to entertain young patients at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, The Queen, the Bear and the Bumblebee is a wonderful reminder of the importance of believing in yourself and being happy with who you are.

Donkey-Donkey thinks that he looks ridiculous with long ears that stick straight up, so he consults his friends on the farm. Each animal has its own idea of beautiful ears-all remarkably like their own. Poor Donkey-donkey becomes sadder and sadder as he tries to follow their advice, with hilarious results. Finally, a little girl visiting the farm admires his long ears and, with new self-esteem, Donkey-donkey keeps his beautiful long ears upright from then on. This charming picture book has been around for a long time, it was first published in 1933 with black-and-white illustrations.

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