Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"My butt is itchy"


Since we started the spring session at work my schedule has once again changed and therefore I had to change my volunteer day at the Donkey Sanctuary. And since I will be working on Wednesdays now for the next six weeks I had to change the day to Tuesday. So off I went yesterday morning up to the farm, the weather was a far cry from what it was like last week, instead of just sweater I was back in long johns, thermo undershirts and winter coat. It didn’t start to drizzle until I pulled into the driveway at the farm. A few donkeys were grazing at the upper feeder by the parking lot and I made my way down to the barnyard, wow now there was a sight for sore eyes, my shy little timid Buffy, who is about 30 years old, was frolicking like a spring chick with young Odin. How nice to see and it was her chasing him not the other way around, needless to say she didn’t pay me any attention. I did all my chores and spent some time chatting with Chantelle. I met Panne, the mammoth donkey, up close and personal today, as he is nursing a cut on his leg, he is pretty tall compared to the rest of the donkeys, probably the size of a horse, so I was always a little bit scared of him, but he is just a sweetie, very gentle and loving. Besides having the job of a pooper-scooper today, I also had the job of being a butt scratcher. Other than getting their ears scratched, donkeys love getting their butts scratched, and damn there were lots of itchy butts today. Normally it is not a good thing when a donkey backs up into you, usually caution is warranted, but not when they come in for a butt scratch, some do it very nonchalantly, where others are more direct and forceful about getting their need for a butt scratch met. I think I will just dedicate a whole day per week for butt scratches in the summer when I am off. I am sure they would like that….oh what do you do as a volunteer at the DSC… mmmmmm I scratch butts all day long. And once you start, you can’t just walk away, because they just follow you, even if your arm is ready to fall off, they just can’t get enough. So in between working and after working that’s what I did. I groomed Buffy, Odin and Danny today. I had cuddle time with Augusta today, oh she is doing so much better with her feet since the vet put these new protective shoes on her hooves, she is all over the place compared to either just standing around in her stall or even laying down. Wow that is so nice to see, she is such a lovely donkey. She is still wearing her protective eye mask and that seems to be a constant now. But she seems really happy just to be able to walk around. I am so glad. You really can tell on animals too when they are not feeling well and just like us they just mope around and grunt and grown and just not happy. At the end of my shift Augusta accompanied me to the gate and that was cute, I gave her a few more pets over the fence and then it was time to say good-bye till next week. Hopefully she will keep that comfort of her new shoes and continue to thrive.


one FAS said...

nothing like an itchy arse.

AJ-OAKS said...

I think we were put here to be the official donkey butt scratchers! You are so right, it isn't just one or two who want it, once the others see what's going on they all want it! Gotta' love those longears.