Thursday, March 04, 2010

Can you say MUD?

What a nice sunny not so cold day it was yesterday. It was Wednesday so that means Donkey day for me. Upon my arrival I was greeted by my all time favourite donkey HERSHEY. He has become a little timid and shy around people as he has been kept away from too much human contact over the last little while so he can learn how to be a donkey and make donkey friends, and it is quite apparent that it's working, but I kind of miss the old Hershey, he was such a character. I met up with Kim in the parking lot and we had a little chat about AUGUSTA, another one of my favourite donkeys there, who has been missing last week due to a stay at the Animal hospital, she has a chronic eye condition which will lead eventually to her going blind and she has major foot issues too and you could tell today that she wasn't feeling too good. Arriving at the top of the yard the condition of the yard was quite apparent, can you say mud? OMG, never seen that much mud in my entire life wow, where ever you stepped there was mud and the donkeys were just loving it, especially the sunny spots in the mud. Everybody was basking in the warmth of the sun and enjoying the outdoors. The snow is starting to melt but icy patches prevent the running water to reach the drainage which then created more mud. I did my chores and it was a chore in itself today just to get the wheel barrow through the mud, oddly enough and it freaked me out a little bit, my constant companion today was SOLO, every where I turned he was right beside me, but still far away not to be touched. What was that all about? I had some cuddle time with Buddy and a few good laughs with the new Donkey girl Chantelle. I spent some time grooming Ed and Buffy and watched over Donkeschoen as she laid in a bedded stall nursing a foot abscess. Donkeschoen is usually on the other side, but once a donkey is sick it gets transferred to the special need side and because she is so close with a donkey named Lady, Lady was also over on the special side. It's amazing the close bonds some of these donkeys have formed with each other. Lady does not leave Donkeschoen's side, ever, she was standing and watching over her trusted friend, and as Summer tried to check Donkeschoen out at one time, she would let her have it and protected her friend.
Danny was a little bit confused today, he started demanding his lunch at 10:30 already and was trying to convince everybody it was lunch time, oh he is such a beautiful singer.
I also noticed a new chain lock on the stall gate to the dark side, apparently the other night one of the donkeys thought it would be fun to play musical donkeys and change up the sides, so she opened the latch and let the donkeys from the dark side come into the barn and some of the barn donkeys were over in the dark side. I guess it was quite the scene lol...I would love to have seen that. lol...and poor Danny was all confused again, because somehow he ended up on the dark side and couldn't figure out how to get back to his side. Oh Danny, he is such a sweetheart, so gentle and nice but boy he sure is starting to show his age....poor old donkey.
On my way out I was watching the donks just stand quietly in the field soaking up the sun and I wonder if a donkey ever thinks " I should be doing something", because sometimes they just stand there and stare into space. Nah probably not and if they are they probably think like me too and that thought shall pass. :)

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