Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can you believe it?

The weather we had, temperatures in the very high teens, sunshine  and not a cloud in the sky, I guess that is what spring looks was just absolutely gorgeous. It was Wednesday that means DONKEY DAY...woo hoo....finally a nice sunny warm day to spend with donkeys. For a change when I got there nobody was waiting at the feeder, nobody to greet me, they were all frolicking in the fields, how nice. I walked thru the barnyard and noticed that all the mules had been moved to another enclosure and Adam and Chantal were busy gathering branches of the ground and piling them on the trailer of the tractor. According to Adam on that last windy Saturday one of old pinetrees was uprooted in the storm and crashed down into the Mule pasture, taking out some fencing and just being all over the place, thank god nobody was injured, but it took a while to get somebody out to cut the tree down into pieces so it could get moved. So I helped with that for a little while and then did my chores in the barn and barnyard. Everybody was just enjoying the sun and not paying attention to anybody there, so I didn't get my  morning hello from Buffy or anybody else for that hoo. But I got lots done today that is for sure and the barn was spic and span by the time it was hometime. I groomed Buffy and Lady, and I brushed Odin, the white baby donkey, to make him look nice and white, just for him to go out in roll in the dirty again..go figures...typical little boy. Dolly is back on the special need side, because she was not having any part of being away from Dusty, but Dusty is all google eyes over Gordon and is ditching her best girl for a guy....what is wrong with us females? lol....One really neat thing happened today though, I was brushing Odin at the feeder, and Juno was standing there, she didn't run away even though I was less than three feet away from her, I stretched out my hand just for her to sniff, the stretched out her neck until she got to it and just smelt me. WOW, that was great....tiny little baby steps with her and hopefully she will slowly come around and not be so scared of people anymore.
Donkey doing the "it's springtime" happy dance!


AJ-OAKS said...

Sounds like it was a most wonderful day. Baby steps take longer, but are worth it. Pretty soon she is going to be in your pocket wanting some brushing and loving. Way to go!!!

Tina said...

I sure hope so, she is such a lovely donkey, and you can tell in her eyes that she does want it so badly. Still a long way to go but one step at a time. I know as minor as it seems it was huge for her.

Kerry said...

I am so happy for you it sounds like you so love your donkeys. When I was growing up we always had horses. I loved them so very much and I miss having them in my life. Animals are always there for us, they do not judge, they just love us unconditionally.
Sorry I did not get to talk more to you last night, hope you decide to join us on Thursday nights but if you decide not to we will understand it is not for everyone. I always like spending time with you though we have a lot of fun.
Take care sista!!!!