Sunday, March 14, 2010

Awww....look at the kitty!

No it's not that I posted the wrong title to the wrong entry...this refers to a joke of Robin Williams about the ex American President and his short attention span, well that is how I feel these days too...I have none whatsoever, I swear I suffer from Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, can I just stick with one thing at a time? NOOOOOOO, not me. Usually I go from one thing to another because I get reminded of something else while doing something totally different. So I got a few things actually accomplished today....and it's amazing what you can pack into a day. Started this morning, later than usual due to the time change, with an hour on the elliptical, since my Blackberry also serves right now as my music device, I had it with me and got caught near the end of the hour by a dear friend online, and since we really haven't had much of a chance  to chat lately, we chatted for almost an hour and that was so nice. Since I couldn't take a shower right after that, since my son was using it as he had to be at work by 11:30 am, I sat on the PC and checked emails and I actually answered them too...woo hoo for me. Then I got my shower and finally got dressed and started some laundry. For some odd reason I thought the kitchen could use some cleaning, so I started with the corner shelf that contains all my bowls and Tupperware and it's like you open it at your own risk. It is such a useless cupboard, more than half of it is a far far corner that you almost have to crawl halfway in if you want something, so everything usually gets stuffed into the front part but god help you if you need something from way back. So I totally emptied it out and decided to get rid of some containers and reorganized the whole thing including my pot drawers. Then I decided to clean out all the other shelves too, reorganized and sort and everything is neat and tidy for now. Gotten rid of a few things that are recyclable so I took it down to the garage and got then sidetracked by the pile of laundry that was collecting on the ironing board, so I decided to iron all those things, while ironing I listened to some old tapes on the old tape recorder in the laundry room, listening to some songs I haven't really heard in a long time and thought to myself I should download them into my ipod, so I can listen to them more often, so after the ironing was done I sat again on the PC and moved some CDs onto my ipod. Well at least I finished every task I started today and not left it to my usual half ass done. I also got a few stitches in on my third Singing donkey after I had finished the 2nd one yesterday at work....well sort of at work, but that is a whole other story one I was not happy about, but hey what can I do....just wasted unpaid time... arrrggghhhhh.


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I didn't know you keep your pot in draws. oooops. Sounds like you sure were busy, and good for that hour on the elliptical...thaaaaats niiiiiice. Have a good Monday

AJ-OAKS said...

Ha Ha I can relate to getting sidetracked! At my old house there was a cupboard like yours. I gto tired of digging around for what i knew was in there, so, I put everything into small cardboard boxes. Then all I had to do was pull out a box or two and voila' there was what I was looking for.

Love the saying on your Singing Donkey! When I am cleaning stalls you will most likely find me singing away. Can't sing at all, but hey, the horses, donks and goats don't care. lol :)

ME said...

LOL I hear ya Cindy.....I thought about boxes yesterday too, but then I would have to wait to get boxes and you know me and procrastination lol.....I thought about changing the saying on the donkey to something like " O sole mio" or " Oh Danny boy" in tribute to the most beautiful singer on the Farm, the old donkey boy Danny. lol We will see I would have to get my friend Jayne to re write that for me properly, so I know where it goes....and she already does so many things for me. :)