Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stitching updates!

Woo hoo! The singing donkey is finished, well at least for the stitching part. Now if I stitch up three or four more of it then I have a nice little contribution to the Craft Table on Donkey Day, which would be awesome. This picture reminds me so much of the donkey Danny, even though the colour is all wrong, but Danny is the most beautiful brayer on the farm, he can go on for quite some time, and no matter what anybody is doing,everybody just stops to watch him. I love it.
I had a chance to work on the Moose for a little bit yesterday and today, not much progress, but better a little than none. I started back up on the top, because all this confetti at the bottom was really starting to irritate me, seems a little bit more spread out on the top part of the picture and not quite so tiresome.
Now I am really starting to be pleased with how the "Stitch- a- Photo" of my beloved Hershey is turning out. Hershey has been from day one my favourite donkey at the DSC. I can't wait for this one to be finished....still gonna be a while, but it is coming along nicely, but omg there is so much confetti going on all around the actual donkey.

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Kerry said...

Hi there, we really missed you yesterday, are you coming tomorrow? I love Hershey, you are stitching like a house on fire!
Maybe we will see you tomorrow!!!!