Sunday, February 14, 2010

From Jack in the box..... king of the leather couch. Ok, so Mr. Personality aka Jack has made the move from being an outdoor kitty to being an indoor kitty. After having him fixed we couldn't let this naked little butt out in the cold so that's when he moved in, after spending only one night in the basement, to the dismay of Hoover, who was stuck in there with him by accident, the transition to move into the house was a lot easier and smoother than I really anticipated. It wasn't Jack who I was worried about, but I was more concerned how the other ones would take to a new intruder. Jack himself is very easy going and relaxed, you could just see that from watching him outside, he was cuddly and friendly and even strange cats that tried to move into the box with him didn't seem to bother him at all. Now what was going on at the other side of the glass door that was a different story, especially Daisy, she was even trying to attack him through the window and got really agitated just by the sight of him. But then that is Daisy, she does have a little bit of an attitude problem. Charcoal always tried to play with him through the window, Buffy well Buffy is Buffy, she doesn't like anybody really, and Hoover couldn't care less, well except when she got locked in with him in the basement. So there were definitely some concerns about how this will be going down when Jack meets the gang, and this is how it went down...................................................nothing happened, absolutely nothing, well except that Jack made himself right at home, couldn't care less about anything except having someone to sit on and be petted. Now he has been inside for about 2 1/2 weeks, Buffy gives him the same treatment as she does any of the other cats...a growl here and a hiss there and just a leave me the heck alone attitude. Daisy didn't do a thing, just looked at him. Hoover well she got over her night in the basement with a strange cat and just checks him out when he is sleeping but otherwise doesn't bother with him. Now Charcoal finally has a buddy to play with, since all the girls in the house are just too lazy to play, and boy they get at each other a lot, but never have their claws out or hurting each other, but it is a constant, I swear that fighting thing is definitely a gender thing. All in all Jack is really a lovely cat, he loves to be picked up and just cuddled, you can carry him around like a baby and he is always right by your side. An absolutely sweetheart.


Anonymous said...

awww he does look like a sweetheart I see why you couldn't say no to him!

AJ-OAKS said...

He is a handsome guy. How could anyone say no to a face like that? And he sure does look very comfy on the couch.