Thursday, February 18, 2010

All in a Wednesday!

Yesterday I made another trip to the DSC, didn't really feel like driving for once, because I woke up with this banging headache, but thought fresh air and some cute faces would do me good. As soon as I am on the last stretch of the road my mood immediately changes and I am all smiles. As I pulled up at the parking lot the donkeys were all gathered at the empty feeders, it was obvious that they haven't had breakfast yet and were quite happy to see me, hoping I would have something for them, but I didn't nor am I allowed to feed them unless instructed so by staff, the occasional treat after grooming is ok, but that's it. I made my way down to the barn and met with Adam by the fence, he gave me a few things from the to do list and I got to work,to do was the usual clean up in the barn and yard, then the "dark side" needed some topping up with straw and the mules needed hay. As I was cleaning up I was joined by Matt, an older gentleman and volunteer who came to make up his hours from his missed Tuesday. There was a lot of cleaning up to do yesterday and by the end of my time there it was nice and clean. I worked hard and was exhausted, but never tired enough to have some special bonding moments with a few cuties, I groomed Buffy, funny how she won't move an inch when you just try to get her to move, but as soon as you put a halter and a lead on, she follows you like a little puppy. I had some cuddle time with Buddy over the fence and some really sweet moments with Augusta, she is such a sweetie and the newest donkey on the farm, not sure about her story yet, but she just loves to cuddle and lean into you and gets totally relaxed, with is hard for some of the donkeys there to do, due to their life experiences.
When I got home I had a nice relaxing bath but was frozen to the bone, and just couldn't get warm. Hmmm so there went the plan to attend Zumba and Crosstitch right out the window. I was just not feeling good and my head was still pounding. Even this morning, and after more than usual pain pills my head is not much better. I can't believe I missed everything last night.....arrrghhh!!!!!


AJ-OAKS said...

Hope your headache has gone away. Isn't donkey therapy the best! When I am having 'a day', it's out to the barn or pasture to calm down, breathe in the best smell in the world, and relax with those wonderful longears.

ME said...

Yes it's the best.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

We missed you last night. Hope you headache is gone by now.