Thursday, January 07, 2010

I guess word got around that... can always find a bowl of food and a fairly warm place to sleep at a house on our street. I wonder who told them and I wonder why it has to be our house? As mentioned in a previous entry Jack made his appearance a few days before Christmas and has since invited a couple of his friends to stay with him, or so I assume. As I was watching Jack, or what I thought to be Jack play out on the deck the other day, I decided to give him some food, he rushed to the back door as he heard the locks open, well so did the real Jack in his house and he came out too, what the heck is going on here, so now we have two Jacks, well actually one is a Jackie, they get along fine, Jack is really agreeable and is not bothered by this new intruder on what he claims to be his new home. How they all end up at my house I have no clue. And it seems to always work like we take one in and another one shows up the following day. The last time when we took Hoover and Charcoal in, the very next day there was this cute fat cat sitting at the backdoor in pouring rain and meowing his head of at our back door, he since made his permanent home at the house next door and comes often for a visit.
As for Jack, we took him to the vet the other day to get him checked out and treated for ear mites, he got his shots and will get the booster shots and fixed in about a month. What will happen with Jackie I don't know yet, I am tired of having to flip vet bills for other peoples pets, but then more kitties is really the last thing I need on my doorsteps. I definitely do not want to end up like this.....
P.S. The night Jack came back from the vet, there was a third cat at the back door looking for warm place to sleep and something to eat, but thank god it hasn't been back since. Whew!

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Hey you won't need a HAED for cats you could make your own with tons of cats.