Monday, January 04, 2010

Celebrating my birthday!

My life surely would be really dull without all my colourful witty friends in it and thanks to them and the kids I had an nice birthday. The morning started off with coffee and muffin at my favourite Coffee pub courtesy of my good friend Jane, we were partly joined by my son Alex during his 30 min. break, which was nice. After coffee I had to pick up Savannah from school to take her to an appointment at the hospital which really didn't lasted any time at all, and that was good too, because I surely didn't feel like sitting there all afternoon. Since she wasn't going back to class we decided to go for lunch to Red Lobster and that was great. It was a very slow lunch hour for them, so it was nice and quite and we had a good time. The rest of the day was spent with phone calls from my brother and some friends, and trying to fix my blog again after I lost all my widgets again when I changed the background. But with the help of a friend it all worked out and hopefully this will be the end of all this redoing everything. In the evening I had a few hours to work and they went by really fast for some reason, which was also great.
I got many humours cards, some great presents and lot of birthday wishes via emails, text message and facebook. Thank you all for being so thoughtful and kind.One present will have to add at least 1o more years to my life, thanks Jane lol.I guess I will also have to learn how to fill my own gas tank on the car. Alex, being an ex green thumb,together with his siblings, decided to get me this beautiful tall orchid, it is absolutely gorgeous and fits colour wise perfectly into the living room, but between Charcoal, the cat, and me looking after it, what really are it's chances? Mr. Happy's comment was right away "you might as well give it to Grandpa', well he might just be right for once lol. I got some nice things to decorate the house with, and a few of my favourite smelly things and I fjnally got the one and only present that has been on my wish list for years and years and has always been totally ignored.....finally somebody paid attention......a bubble Spa....woo

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I'm glad you had a nice day. oh and 10 years my fas.