Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boys will be boys!

Even in the donkey world. Oh my those boy donkeys were rambunctious today, chasing each other, biting each other, kicking at each other and fighting on their hind legs standing up, it was very entertaining to watch, but boy oh boy, they were rowdy. Well now I know too, why they usually don't have volunteer there on days the farrier comes, way to busy, way to much going on and you really have to watch your step and be aware of the asses'asses. It sure didn't help that it was so bitterly cold today, so that hardly anybody wanted to go outside. So everybody was congregated in the two parts of the main barn and shuffled back and forth between them as 6 of them had their turns with the farrier. So today I got to meet Chris, the infamous farrier, I have heard so many things about him, that it was a pleasure to meet him, mind you all things said about him, have been nothing but good,from his patience with some of the trouble donkeys, to his caring, to his love for them, just about everything. And they definitely were all true, I love nothing more than to watch somebody do their job, when you can absolutely see how much they love what they do. And he sure loves every second of it and I must say the donkeys love him. I have never seen such a patient person in my life, the way he makes even the most trouble donkey comfortable was just awesome to watch. My beloved Hershey sure made him run for his money, literally, and it took quite some time to catch the hard to handle Hershey, but Chris did it and Hershey walked with him like a trooper, it was amazing. I was of course on poop cleaning duty again, bedded two stall and groomed four donkeys. I spent about an hour on Rosie, who had her whole face and chin covered with burrs and it took a while to get them out of her thick curly fur. Then I groomed one of my favourites the opera singer Danny, and Ed and Bob Ray, poor little donkey has an awful name, but he is cute as a button. Of course I got some cuddle time with my new friend Buffy, who seems to recognize me already and comes up on her own free will for a cuddle, and then there is always Summer, at every turn she is right beside you, she could miss something and you can't have that of course, whether it's at grooming, cleaning or even with Chris, there she was always looking for a pet or treat, she is hilarious. Nicolas the goat still coughs up a storm but also can fight with the other goats, so he really can't feel too bad, and Jacques the colicky donkey from last week is over it and all better.Nello, the sheep, was brought to the Sanctuary as a little guy, omg he was so cute, now he is a big brute, and boy he has attitude, and sure let me have it while bedding one of the stalls. All in all it was again a great day spent on the Farm.

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