Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's one more?

Well he arrived just before Christmas and sat in front of our back door daily, making lots of noise so you couldn't ignore him, hoping he would go away. Looks like he is here to stay for a while, as long as it is safe here and hopefully a suitable home is found for him. He really can't stay here, well at least when it comes to inside the house, because we are already over the allowed limit. So the cat box, that was built two years ago when the last two little vagabonds showed up here around Labour day 2007, has been brought back out of the woods and placed on the deck near the house. The smart little one figured it out really fast, that it was insulated, even heated and a nice spot to do what cats do best....sleep. He even figured out the cat door flap. He definitely was sombody's kitty, he is so friendly and when you go out there to feed him or spend time with him, he is all over you and just wants to be cuddled, picked up and petted. He really seems to miss that the most, well and food of course, since he is quite skinny. We named him Jack, since he lives in a box right now. As for coming in the house, well not if Daisy has anything to say about that, she defends the back door and living room window like a mad cat, and that is just from seeing him. I think it would just cause more issues within the cats we already have if there is a new addition. Buffy and Daisy are still not over the last little intruders and still get their noses out of joint at times.

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