Saturday, December 19, 2009

Playtime with Stitches

After the big plans for Friday fell through I had to do something to occupy my mind and sidetrack me from the "woes-poor me" thoughts that were plaguing my mind, and well guess what i found something that actually could do that....wasn't as much fun but nevertheless it did the trick and occupied me for hours, needless to say I didn't get much done and played around with it for quite some time. I used to have PC Stitch for the old computer, but since I have an Apple computer it wouldn't work for Mac, so I was on the search for a similar program for Mac, and after some searching I found one and of course I afforded it for myself, well can't really, but did it anyway and boy did I have fun with that, just to see what I could do, what pictures I could use and how they would turn out...oh man the possibilities....But the main reason really was one particular picture that I started stitching for a friend a while ago, but with the pattern just laying around the ink really faded on it so it was really hard to see the symbols, but this time it looks so much better too, colour wise at least. I had about half the picture done already so that's a little bit of a bummer to start it again, but oh well....and hopefully I won't loose interest this time and finish it. It really does portrait the two of us quite nicely.....but one has to wait to see and find out....he he thing I am good at is keeping secrets.
With that having been said, I will have a few new donkeys to do I better get working on that MOOSE to finish it off rather sooner than later. Happy Saturday Stitching!

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