Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Everything is A OK in my world!

It's been a few odd days, but for once everything is A OK in my world, despite all of it. Yesterday was a day well wasted, I can't believe that I can spend a whole day doing nothing and not feel guilty about it or even get bored. I do like my own company and having a day with me, myself and Tina is sometimes all I need, well it's nice when friends call or pop in, but I am ok by myself. The last two days were filled with "what the heck is that?", "huh" and "where the hell could they be?" moments but it was all good in the end, did cost me a sleepless night, but hey what else is new. Last night as I am driving in the garage coming home from work, I realized, that I couldn't find my house and work keys anywhere, I knew I had them when I left the building because I locked up, so I thought maybe I forgot to pull them out of the keyhole, so back I went to work to check, nothing, I checked the parking lot, there is only a 10m distance from my parking spot to the building and again nothing, hoping that maybe the guys who were still in the parking lot when I left picked them up, I drove home and tore the Jeep apart and I mean apart, I knew they had to be somewhere, nothing, so with anxiety and worries I went to bed and needless to say didn't sleep that well, in the morning I took the search light and went through the Jeep again, I usually toss the keys in the cup holder in the middle console, I checked if I missed and it got stuck in the case where the seat belt rolls out from, but I was pretty sure they had to be in the car, then I remember the carpet under my seat is not totally flat, for whatever reason, I noticed that the other day when I was cleaning the car out, so I dug under the seat, removed the carpet and omg there they were, I must have missed the cup holder they slid between console and seat right into the opening of the carpet all the way to the floor metal of the Jeep, wow what a relief. Phew! ******Last week I finally decided to cancel my gym membership, since I have not been there for who knows how long but was still paying monthly fees, but I always figured if I cancel it the chance of me ever going back were then nil to nothing, and actually I did want to go back at one point, but after having a total drought in my bank account, I decided it is wiser to finally cancel it. So I did send my written notice of last week and today they received it and called, omg. The reason I did it by mail was because I have a really hard time even just walking through those doors again, might sound stupid, but that is the biggest obstacle for me, so when she called today, she told me I had to come in and fill out some papers, oh shit, now I have to walk through those doors anyway, oh great, but she also told me that they could put a freeze on my membership until I decide to come back or cancel, well sounded good to me, but I still had to come in to fill out papers, so I thought well if I don't do it now I will just let time pass and pay for more that I am not using, so I went, and it was so hard to walk through those doors, didn't look like much had changed in there, still even saw some familiar faces, but walking through was just hell, and then I am thinking mmmm I really want to go back and really all that is stopping me is walking through those stupid front doors, what the hell is that soon as I saw all the equipment i want to do it, the spin bike, and the treadmill, and I so want to get back into it all, but for now I have put a freeze on my membership until I have the nerve to walk through those doors every day with conviction . I feel so stupid about that, but hey that's just me....can't help it.

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Anonymous said...

I know how difficult it is to get back into the swing of going to the gym - I will need encouragement in five weeks myself! You can count on me to cheer you on through the doors!

Hope to see you soon and glad you had such an enjoyable day with just you!