Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some bright spots

Between all the crap that has been going on here over the last little while, and all the things that have really started to take a toll on me, even though I try my darnedest not to let it take a hold of me, there is the odd bright spot that makes me take notice and appreciate the little things that mean so much that people all around me do, eg. breakfast with a friend, a friend who is ready to kick my a** if I am not snapping out of this soon, an employee at a store who went way beyond the call of duty for customer service, just to name a few, but even though I could turn really fast into a person I won't like very much very fast and that is so not me, the thoughts that are going through my head are against everything I stand for and believe, they are so strange to me and yet so familiar. But when things are just getting too much at times, it is hard to escape the emotional downwards spirals, and right now it's going down big times and faster than I can dig myself out of. Well tomorrow will be another day, or the day after or next week or next month will be better, who can ever believe that?

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

there are 6 really bright spots ootds to choose from, anytime.