Friday, September 18, 2009


I swear our Daisy thinks she is a dog. Every year in the nicer and warmer months it has become a habbit of taking Daisy outside for some play and walk, since she is an indoor cat, she is harnissed on those outtings. The more you take her out, the more she wants to go outside and she makes it quite known that there is an urgency for her to get outside. During the summer holidays, Pookie made it her job to take Daisy outside, well since Pookie likes to sleep in during her time off, Daisy is getting a little ticked, she sits at the bottom of the stairs, starring upwards and whines, if by any chance Pookie comes down, the cat follows her everywhere in the hope...we might go outside. She sits and whines beside Pookie, until she gives in and finally takes her. Once outside, all she does is lay in the grass or on the lawnchair and watches the bugs and birdies fly by. Try to take her back inside when she is not ready or hasn't had enough...boy you are in for a fight, she gets quite nasty and lays flat on her back and won't move, try to pick her up and she growl like a dog at you. So now that Pookie is back in school, Daisy looks for other victims to spend some time with her out side, right now it's me, and she starts bugging for some time outside by 8 am, if I sit at the computter, she sits like a puppy right beside me, looks at me with these big puppy eyes and if I ignore her, she stands on her hind legs, and taps me on the arm like to say...come on already I am waiting. She can get quite annoying with her whining and sad big eyes wanting to go outside....awww poor kitty.

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

cats rule,,,dogs druel.