Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Damn... the **** did I get from there to here in 100km/hr? I don't think I had that kind of a mood swing in that short of a time span ever, holy was in the bestest mood I have been in for a long time, looking forward to Zumba tonight, hopefully meeting up with a very special person there to join us at Zumba, having a little surprise for Gerri, the instructor and my PIC, and then going off to crosstitch, but right now, something just totally took the wind out of my sails, damn. I was laughing at it at first, now I don't know what to really say nor think about it, and now I am just sitting here trying to fight back tears, but I am not going to cry over this, I am not, I got my big girl panties on, and I will not give them the satisfaction of having an impact on me, but damn it's hard. I guess all I can say is that I am glad I can pick and choose my friends, and crap I don't want in my life I don't let in. I know they meant it as a joke, and like I said I was laughing at it at first too, but it was not funny if you really think about it.
Love you too......


Mr Wood's assistant said...

ok, so not that I am laughing at you but I do have one more can of waterproffing we could use on your big girl panties. lmao oh shit you have no idea how hard that was to get out.omf'ng

Mr. Wood's assistant said...

oh, I heard that

ME said...

You Jackass!...and I don't like using that phrase out of respect to the animal....thank god I can laugh at myself ...geee who needs enemies with friends like that lol....holy crap!

Anonymous said...

I kinda like the way ya have pulled up those big girl panties! You are doing awesome on your journey and i for one am very very proud of you!!!
Keep up the good job
The original author of "My Big Girl Panties"