Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Evening with Colin and Brad

Yesterday was a much better day for the traffic going back to Toronto to attend another event at the Just for Laughs Festival. We even were there early and had time to grab something to eat before the show at 7:30.
It was an evening with Colin and Brad from "Whose line is it anyway", and even though we had attended this show once before, it is always something new and funny, and we had a great time. The kids ( one of the boys plus girlfriend) seemed to enjoy it enormously and that was nice to watch. I know the other two enjoys the nite before too.
There are plans in the making for next years festival, to maybe even stay over in Toronto for a few days and just have a little getaway, would be nice, Craig can still go to work just coming from the other side this time lol, Pookie,hte boys and I could be shopping or sightseeing,or do whatever we want. Could be fun and then at nite take more of the shows in. It is definitely worth the trip and the time spend. Nothing better than laughing.

Only men can come up with stuff like this.....oh boy!

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