Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This made my day today....

After a long while I have been online at this site "Stay friends"( German version of classmates) once again, just to see what's new. I found a few old school friends, that weren't registered before and I decided to go on a search of a few particular person, who ones were very dear to my heart, but unfortunately we lost contact over the years. I searched for them before, but they must have not been registered at that time, because the searches always came up empty. Well yesterday I found one of the girls who I used to work with in Mittenwald and who I shared a great friendship and lots of fun. I wasn't quite sure if it was her, but I email anyway, and low and behold it was her, she was so happy to hear from me and she was still in contact with the other girl I was looking for. I just added the other girl to my friends list, but didn't email her at that time. Well today I wake up to this short email from the other girl, how long she had been looking for me, and how great it was that we connected again and as I am reading her little note, in which she also gave me her email address, I almost fell of the chair, and I thought "no friggin' way", I was so excited and happy all at the same time... as I see her full name, I couldn't believe it and think it is too cool. Well way back then, we had a lot of different night porters from English speaking countries working at the hotel, we had Rob from Vancouver, Canada, some guy, whose name I don't recall at the time, from Australia, we had Fergal from Ireland and we had Andrew from England. Andrew was quite a lot younger than me, but since I always had the late shift, we almost worked daily together and we became good friends, and only friends, ever. We spend a lot of time together at work and outside work and people thought we were an item, but we weren't. So one day this other girl, asked me if I was seeing Andrew, and I replied no, not at all, and she said that she really liked him and would love to go out with him, I had no problem with that. Andrew was a really nice and sweet guy, and I was happy that someone showed such an interest in him, so they kind of started dating, and soon after that I left Mittenwald. That whole story goes back 22 years, so when I saw her last name, I knew right away that she ended up marrying Andrew. I thought that was so cool, they have 5 kids together, 4 girls and a boy and omg I couldn't be happier to have her back in my life and to get to know her all over again. I can't wait to get some pictures, I haven't seen them in ages. What a nice surprise!

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