Thursday, May 07, 2009

What's the hell is my problem?

Well my intentions are always good, my way of following through with my own things, well that can  definitely use some work. Yesterday I had my heart set on going to work, leaving from there to go to the Donkey Farm, go to Zumba and then to the off-Wednesday crosstitch nite, well I guess two out of four isn't bad. But I really would love to be able to stick to my plans. When I got home from work I was just not in the mood nor did I have the energy to go to the DSC, I dragged my ass to Zumba, and it was hard to get through the hour, but I made it and then I was done in....and I missed going to Stitching, but I was down and out by 9:30 pm. Not sure what that is all about, but despite exercising and trying to eat right, and taking my vitamins I have no energy most of the days and it's really starting to make me mad, because I want to do things and just can't get my ass in gear for anything. :(

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