Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An evening with Leonard Cohen cont.

Someone, can't remember who, told me a long time ago, that if you ever get the chance to see Leonard Cohen live in Concert, you should go. Well I listened to Cohen throughout my childhood, since he is one of my mom's favourite artists, and I always loved his voice, but I can't really say I was a fan of his...well now I am...The concert took place at Copps Colloseum in Hamilton, and after having many failed attempts of taking special people in my life to the event, I ended up taking Mr. Happy, who was not really happy about this at all, but the brave soldier he is, he went, and I think in the end he enjoyed it more than he expected, because he didn't fall asleep at all. We got there for 7:30 pm and the sidewalk in front of the Clloseum was just littered with people. Mr. Happy wouldn't believe, that all these masses of people came to see him. There were people from all over, young and old, some in Jeans, some dressed for the occasion. The concert started pretty much on time, and the crowd was on its feet the minute Mr. Leonard Cohen stepped on the stage, and they stood there for a long long time....he started the show with the song Dance me to the end of love, and went on to The Future, Ain’t No Cure For Love,
Bird On The Wire, Everybody Knows, In My Secret Life,Who By Fire, Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye, Anthem, after that he introduced his talented band of musicians, who were really absolutely amazing. He continued with Tower Of Song, Suzanne,The Gypsy’s Wife, after a twenty minute intermission he sang more of his amazing songs and recited a few of his poems. The concert ended after 3 encores, which must have added another 8-10 songs to the show. It was absolutely incredible, I can't remember how many times he received an standing ovation, the show was just incredible and it was way after eleven o' clock when we left the concert hall.
WOW, what an amazing evening, and what an experience....absolutely amazing.


~an eye for threads~ said...

Oh man, Mr. Happy? I am glad you enjoyed the performance and I am sure it would not have really mattered who you went with, it would have been an excellent show.

ME said...

Very true....