Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dazed and confused?

Well after yesterday's entry and getting over what ever it was,(not really sure what it was...shock? relief? disbelieve?), I am not quite sure how to title this blog entry or how to phrase the things that I want to say, nor really do I know what I want to say, do I write about the events? or the outcome? or the feelings?, well I don't know, and I do like to have everything in it's own little box in my head, but I am not sure in what category this whole incident would fit in. Do I break it down into segments of the different emotions? and what are the emotions really? Not even sure of that at this very moment? Sometimes life just works in mysterious ways, and this is how I would have to chuck this one up as, just as you think you have things figured out, it comes different than what you have thought it, it actually left me speechless for a while, even though I felt nauseated the minute I came across this information the only word I could find was WOW! We all have had moments like this I am sure....Do I write about how I could condemn myself right now about my stupidity, gullability, naivety or do I write about the lack of integrity of a human being ( after being caught with their hand in the cookie jar) and my wonder of how people treat other people and my wonder of what makes them tick or motivates them? Do I try to sort all these emotions out? Or do I just end it all here, since I wasted enough time on it? Do I seek revenge or well at least my own gratification? Could I even do it? Why hurt innocent people? Well lets just say I have more class than that, and as for now, I have no intentions of doing anything about it, that's not my style, nor would it serve any real purpose, maybe if I was more emotionally involved in this event maybe then, but right now I am just wondering what did just happen here and the timing is just incredible.....and really all that comes to mind is WOW!

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