Saturday, April 25, 2009

A busy week!

Phew! For once I am looking forward to the weekend, it is suppose to be beautiful and I do need some me time and some time to rest, it's been a busy week at work and with dance.
The boss is on vacation once again and we are in charge of the centre, and well no problems so far, except with staff members, who really starting to piss me of. But hey we can talk all we want, but it's not getting anywhere really, but I will put my two cents in edgewise anyway, no matter at what cost. I already took on the lady at the mainoffice there I am on a roll...and yes somebody might read my blog and report to others about it...oh well...mind your own business and mind your life....On Monday, which is usually my day off during the daytime at least my P.I.C and I had planned for an extra special tots day with the visit of Officer Jeff from the Police Department and the hotties from the Brantford firehall. The kids had a blast and Officer Jeff was just an absolute sweetheart, he can cuff me anytime lol...We had our normal tots days and I picked up a desperately needed few extra hours here and there due to the boss's vacation. So the last two days I put a full day in at the office and boy it sure makes you appreciate your afternoons off, especially when it is nice and sunny outside and you suffer from OOTD. Having two full days at work and dance on top of that on those days, it sure made for a long tiresome day... and that's why I am looking forward to this weekend.

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Can't imagine who might read your blog and report to others about it...oh well...whatever floats their bubble. Good for standing up for your principles, and heads up, apparently there is a fashion show this coming week!!!!!