Sunday, March 01, 2009

Saturday Night Outing

Well it doesn't matter what is planned for some fun activity it always turns out to be shit, just lucky that I have no problem enjoying my own company and really don't need anybody for my entertainment. And sometimes just the event alone makes me so happy that I don't really give a **** who comes along, it's not about you anyway. But please it would be nice if you would just shut the **** up and relax a little.
Driving to Kitchener is a bloody nightmare anyway, I don't think I have ever been anywhere were you can get lost every single time no matter how often you have been there, it's always like you never seen the place before and I just find it so confusing, thank god the next time when I will venture up there it will be daylight still. Knowing what we know about driving in Kitchener I was equipped with a road map, but according to the higher power in the car, one needs to be able to read the damn thing, well since they can't do and look at a map, so I was instructed to give directions, well it would have helped greatly if I would have been able to see anything on the map, by the time we reached Kitchener it was pitch black and no light in the car, just the odd street light to throw a beam of light into the car once in a while, needless to say the instruction I gave were wrong...according to whom? Well then why did you ask? What do you expect from someone who can't even do the easy chore of loading a dishwasher? Come on.....reading a map...that gotta be like reading French to me.... he he he....needless to say we got lost, but not because of me but because of the lack of sense of direction of the driver, but that didn't matter, it was still the idiot passengers fault....oh well...**** you if you can't take a joke.....We got there about 4 minutes before it was suppose to start, there was a huge lineup for the parking lot and obviously more idiot wives in the passenger seats that couldn't figure out the map and made everybody late. Power to us!
On the walk to the Theatre, it was obvious within the first second that it will be just like it always is....well one could have gotten lost, kidnapped, fell down or whatever else would have went wrong and nobody would have noticed.....well at least not the FM you came with. But besides the typical not new way of being, it was a great evening and I enjoyed myself tremendously, and got about 1.5 hours of laughs out of the evening just to get back into the car of misery.....on the way home, again, we got lost, but hey I didn't say a word I knew all along it was the wrong way... he he he...just keep bitching....I have two ears one for in one for now I wonder...

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