Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh my! From Reuben to stop starring at me to who are you to bunny boilers and chubby chasers!lmao

Wednesday evening was about one of the best evenings I have ever had with my P.I.C., omg, we shared some very interesting topics and omg we laughed so hard that we almost peed our pants, it was a very entertaining evening, not just from the perspective of the show STOMP, but the whole deal around it was just too funny. We laughed at ourselves, we had complete strangers laugh at us, and others laugh with us, it was just one of those nights. I can't really remember the last time I had that much fun. I must say though that I have an incredible talent of embarrassing the shit out of myself, to the fun of others, but this time I think I even outdid myself and the two youngens beside us, well, I am sure they had their fun with me that evening.
My P.I.C. and I decided to go for dinner before the show, we stopped in Cambridge at the Fifty's place. Boy, the choice was tough to make and after a long and hard look at the Menu, we both decided to order a Reuben sandwich, like who in their right mind had ever thought that Sauerkraut and cheese go together...well you can't convince an old Bavarian of that one, but omg the first time I ever had one, it was the most delicious sandwich I have ever had. Like always the food there was great, just way too much. While we were waiting for our food, we had some interesting conversation about lingerie and undergarments in general, and I was just in the middle of explaining the fit of a new bra, when all of a sudden all eyes were on me, holy crap...alert colour red seemed to set in immediately, and the two young gentlemen sure got a kick out of that one, very much to my dismay...but hey...whatever floats your boat....he he he, I don't think I returned to normal skin colour for the rest of the dinner. After dinner we got on the way to Kitchener, and boy, it sure is different than having a stupid wife as a passenger, but maybe it had more to do with the driver, because we seemed to have no problem at all finding our way to where we needed to be. Go figure. While in the car waiting for the time to pass, we were stomped by a few interesting conversations and readings, what the hell is a bunny boiler? Well P.I.C....let me explain that one to you and if you know it, it will make sense...... the term "bunny boiler" comes from the movie "Fatal Attraction", when Glenn Close boils the family pet of the guy she had a one night stand bunny boiler is a deranged over jealous, stalking, obsessive you know....and as for all the other interesting reading, well enough of that crap lol.....
Then it was finally time to make it to the Theatre, we looked at the souvenirs and got a kick out of some of the objects, as I was laughing out loud at some of the items on the list, somebody said, well I guess you are reading about the garbage can lid, yupper, that was it exactly and we got a few good chuckles out of that. On to the show, it was like I said before awesome.....

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