Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going back in Time

How many of us have lived at a gorgous place or know nice places close to where we live and just because we could go there every day we take them for granted and put visiting these places off to another day. Well living in Mittenwald was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been at, and working there was like being on a permanent vacation, you couldn't escape the awe of nature there, it was all around you. Maybe not growing up there but just living there made it a little more amazing than having lived there all of one's life. I know on my days off I took full advantage of the things this little place in the middle of the mountains had to over, I had my bike and went on the most beautiful bike paths through the fields at the food of the mountains every occasion that was presented to me. I don't know how many times I hiked the same trails up to the lake there just to take in the beauty the scenery had to offer. Even on days I worked, after work was always like you stepped out into your vacation spot, I sat in cafes or beer gardens surrounded by absolute beauty. Going for drives always ended you up at some interesting and beautiful place, whether it was the NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE (which is btw in Germany), the Starnberger See, or just a sea of green lushes fields with wildflowers and cows grassing. It took me till my last week of being there to make it up to the top of the most impressive mountain peak of the immediate area, but boy it sure was worth the wait and I am glad that I made this a thing on my to do list before my time there was up.

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Amazing pictures...thanks for sharing.