Sunday, January 25, 2009

The "Are you a nice girl?" questionaire

1. Do you have a difficult time asserting yourself with service people?
2. Do get talked into things?
3. Are you overly concerned about what people think of you?
4. Is it overly important to you that people like you?
5. Are you afraid to say how you really feel out of fear of making someone angry?
6. Do you apologize too much or too often?
7. Do you have friends or acquaintances you don't really like or have much in common with but feel obligated to continue seeing?
8. Do you often say yes to invitations because you don't want the person to feel rejected?
9. Do you tend to give in because it makes you feel selfish if you refuse to help someone?
10.Are you afraid people will dislike you if  you're not cooperative?
11.Do you have trouble speaking up as soon as something or someone is unfair to you?
12.Do you hesitate telling someone that he or she has hurt your feelings or made you angry becaue you don'twant him or her to feel bad?
13. Do you avoid telling someone he or she has upset you because you don't think it will do any good or will only cause a big problem between you?
14.Do you have people in your life who take advantage of you?
15.Do you often take the blame for thing just to avoid an argument or to avoid rejection or abandonment?
16.Do you often make excuses for people's poor behaviour, telling yourself that they didn't mean it or they didn't know better?
17.Do you avoid conflict or confrontation at all costs?
18.Do you get a terrible feeling when someone is angry with you?
19.Do you give someone the benefit of the doubt even when others tell you this person is trouble?
20.Do you give people another chance even when they continue with the same hurtful or inappropriate behaviour?
21.DO you tell yourself that you don't have the right to complain about a person's behaviour if you 've ever been guilty of the same behaviour?
22.Are you attracted to bad boys or people with a large dark side?
23.Do you strongly believe in being fair even when other people are treating you unfairly?

Everybody has parts of the Nice Girl in them, I know I have prided my self for years and still to a degree do on being a NICE GIRL, but let me tell you ....I am far from the Nice girl I once was....but I am still enough Nice Girl to cause and have my own issues.....

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