Monday, December 01, 2008

What I learnt over the weekend

Well, on the weekend my daughter and I took a little shopping trip to an out of town mall. It was busy as to be expected at this time of the year, Christmas tunes blaring at every corner, some people are totally stressed out and it shows on their behaviour and reactions, for me, it is suppose to be fun, if we should find a nice gift for someone special on the way, then good for us, but I was not getting into the frenzy of Christmas shoppers. The Princess mainly bought for herself (spending her birthday money), but she managed to find something for a friend and her brothers. I found a few things in stores that we don't have here in town, so it made for some different choices. After a few hours of shopping, the princess was getting hungry (what else is new) and before we were heading back home, it was time to have a late lunch/early dinner. On the way the princess spotted her all time favourite restaurant, so we went to IHOP to eat. Now there I learnt the hard way, that you do not leave your teenage daughter in charge of ordering food, while you make a trip to the restroom. Well before I went, I told her what to order for me, and it seemed easy enough, the story changed as I returned to the table and it definitely was a totally different story when the food arrived. Holy moly, you could have feed an army with that. The princess was just in her glory, giggling, happy and oh so delighted by her choices. I was trying to stick to my omelet and take it easy, but that went right out the window, when the french toast and pancakes arrived. OMG I haven't had any of this in month, and sure wasn't missing it either, but hey after all I was paying for it, so might as well eat it.(Ooops I guess that's still a little glitch in my way of thinking).
It was bad and afterwards I knew why I haven't touched stuff like that for a while. I felt so crappy and kept saying to the Princess, this will at least be 3 pounds by tomorrow, and she tried to convince me that you couldn't gain 3 pounds in a day....oh yeah! Want me to show you? lol....COuld be even more lol. Of course little Miss Skinny Ass was just packing it away as if it was going out of style. Well lesson learnt: Order your own food, even if you piss your pants in the process.
Today is Monday and hopefully I will go back on track.....

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